Ishita Raman pyaar milaga Dubara part 12 promo


Ishita Raman pyaar milaga Dubara part 12 promo
Hi everyone busy with exams but posting promo will post part soon my exams have started so it’s keeping me busy I will post
everyday but when my exams end I will post every day long parts my exams end Monday so from then I will post combined and long parts until then short parts I hope you will understand
Ashok: Shagun
Shagun: what
Ashok: I will destroy your and Ishita and Raman life
Shagun: on my watch never
Ashok: I will ask my informer ti do this that person is in the house
Shagun gets shocked
Shagun tells ishita
Ishita gets shocked
Ishita: I will expose that informer

Spoiler: it’s not Sarika she’s not even in this story

Who could this informer be is it a friend or enemy and why is that person doing it is this plan of Ashok

Stay tuned
I have exams they will end soon then long parts and posting everyday

Credit to: AHT

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