Ishita Raman Pain of love part 1


Hi people I am starting a new FF please comment and ;let me know if you like it
Scene 1
Niddhi finds out about Ishita and Raman plan
Niddhi: Raman you will pay a big price for betraying me
Niddhi: I will not leave you now I will take your surrogate baby and you will beg me for return of It
Niddhi: Shagun has just given birth I heard you talking to Ishita
Raman is on teh phoen
Niddhi is hidding there listening
Raman: Ishita were fooling Niddhi good enough We fooled her
Niddhi gets angry
Raman: Shagun gave birth to a baby boy im comming
FB ends
Niddi: Raman gets ready you will see a new niddhi

In the hospital
Shagun makes Ishita hold the baby
Shagun: hes yours
Ishita holds the baby and cries
IshitA: Thank you Shagun
Shagun: no need for the thanks

Niddi hires a nurse
Niddhi: pretend to be a nurse and go get the baby and leave this paper there
Niddhi: Ill pay you
Lady: ok fine
Lady dresses as a nuse and goes
Nurse: Doctor wants to check the baby well take him
Ishita: okay
Nurse picks the baby up and drops the chit
Ishita sees the chit
Nurse takes the baby boy out
Ishita: Raman she dropped something
Ishita picks it up
Ishita gets shocked
Ishita:L Raman
Raman: what ahppened
Ishita: this is Niddhi Chit
Ishita: it says You will pay for betraying me I will do something horrible I have kidnapped your baby boy
Shagun: what that nurse was with her

Ishita: what will we do

Precap”: Niddhi calls Raman and ishiat tells them If tehy want the boy back Ruhi must come to her

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Where are ur previous ff’s??Btw amazing??

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