Ishita Raman – Pain of love (part 2)


Ishita Raman pain of love intro and part 1

All characters are the same
Ishita is seen hurt by Raman words and goes to Amma
Ishita Ruhi returns and Ishita is pregnant Ruhi and Ishita move away to Australia

Part 1
Ishita: Raman
Raman: your dirty blood Ishita
Ishita: Raman I didn’t do anything
Raman: o just shut up You don’t deserve to be a mom of anyone
Ishita: Raman I won’t leave my daughter behind
Raman: you have to well take care not like you cause her death as well
Ishita faints
Raman doesn’t want to care but drops her at Amma house
Doctor: Ishita your pregnant
Ishita: thank you Doctor
Amma: Ishu your pregnant let’s tell the bhalla
Ishita: Amma I promise not to harm the baby and I’m not staying here
Amma: Ishu
Ishita leaves
Ishita goes to the place where Ruhi died
Ishita cries
Ishita: Ruhi
Ruhi: Ishi ma
Ishita sees Ruhi and goes towards her
Ishita and Ruhi hug
Dil Se Dil ka rishta plays
Ruhi: let’s go home
Ishita: you go beta I’m leaving I’m pregnant and I’m leaving
Ishita tells Ruhi everything
Ruhi: Ishi ma adi bhaiya is there I will come with you
Ruhi leaves with Ishita
Amma tells the bhalla about Ishita
Raman gets shocked

Precap: 7 years leap Ishita and Ruhi in Dubai while the bhalla and iyer recall Ishita and Ruhi

Credit to: AHT

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  1. suppperr….. nd plzz continuee ……. thiss ff nd plzz make it long ……….update next episode as soon as possible iam waiting fr that…….. really nicee

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