Ishita and Raman love story season 3 part 3


Ishita Raman love story season 3 part 3
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Rani; Raman where are your kids
Raman: they’re in the room come
Rani and Raman go
Ishita: ill go bring cofee
Ishita goes
Rani pretends to fall and Raman catches her
Rani stares at Raman
Rani: thank you Raman
Raman: becareful Rani
Rani: I will
Rani sees Ranveer and Koyal
Rani: they’re soo cute

Raman: they are my and ishita son and daughter Ruhi adi have gone to school or else you would have meet them too
Rani in her mind
Raman dont think me as your friend I will become your wife buy using that shagun
Raman: what happened
Rni: nothing
Raman: okay lets go and have cofee
Rani: I have work bye
Raman: bye
Ishita; where di d Rani go
Raman: she said she had important work and went
Ishita: ok
Raman gets cloose to ishita
Ishita: your office time go
Raman: yaar come on ishita
Ishita sends Raman to office
Ishita’ Raman youll never learn
Rani meets Shagun again
Rani; I will seperate them And I have a plan to do it
Rani; I will kill Ishita somehow and the blame will come on Raman close person hahah
Shagun gets shocked to see Rani evil side
Rani: Get ready Ishita Rani is comming to kill you first who will get blamed hahaha
Shagun; your too evil from the inside
Rani: that ishita and Raman relation will end Raman will leave the house I will get him and then make him sign on papaers his property and kids are yours
Shagun and Rani laugh

Shagun; Rani you know what I thought you wont be on my side but you are
Rani; who ever is a enemy of ishita is my frined
Shagun and Rani pledge
Shagun and RanI: we wont take a deep breath and sit and relax until Ishita Raman are seperated
Shagun and Rani shake hands
Shagun in her mind
Now its gonna get deadly now its like the time for yeh hai evil mohabatein
Rani in her mind
Yeh hai evil mohabatein

Precap: Rani tries to find a person to get involve in Ishita death
Spoiler: This track will be long but after this all villans will start comming and wanting revenge lets see how the story shapes up im thinking about it

Credit to: AHT

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