Ishita and Raman love story season 3 part 1 and 2


Ishita and Raman love story season 3 part 1 AND 2
Hi friends The pervious part was suppose to be season 3 part 1 im sorry but the story will continue from there and part 1 is the same as 78
Here you go the link to it its season 3 part 1

Well lets start part 2
Shagun: Rani its your turn to rock it and separate ishita raman
Rani: nut how
Shagun>: I know you can do anything your that clever
Rani: well first I have to go to Bhalla House to see whats up
Shagun: Rani go ahead and dont try to be clever or else ill tell Ishita what your up to
Rani: dont worry now the work is on me i will get rid of the relation of ishra
Shagun and Rani laugh evilly
Ishita: Ruhi

Ruhi: Ishi ma im in here with my new baby brother and sister and Adi bhaiya and Papa is here also
Ishita comes and sees them
Ishita gets a teary eyed seeing the family together
Ishita in her mind
This family can never break it just cant please God protect my family
Shagun: we have to seperate them then you can get Koyal and Ranveer Raman ill get ruhi and adi again
Shagun in her mind
Rani poor you your just a part of my plan a
Shagun smiles
Rani in her mind
Shagun you are just a part of my plan
Rani smiles as well
Rani goes toward bhalla house
The wind blows
Ishita: what is comming
Glass breaks

Ishita: why do i get the feeling something bad is gonna happen
Rani steps in the house
Raman sees Rani and gets shocked
Rani runs to Raman
Raman: Rani
Rani hugs Raman
Ishita comes down and sees them hugging and gets shocked
Ishita: Raman
Raman and Rani stop hugging
Raman: Ishita this is my best friend Rani and Rani this is ishita my wife
Ishita: heloo
Rani: hi

Rani: two marraiges ha you didnt even invite me
Raman: I tried but you moved out of town
Rani in her mind
I needed to come back with a good stratergy so I did im back to seperate you with ishita and get you

Precap: Rani plans a deadly plan
Spoiler: Soon villans will start errupting the family

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Credit to: AHT

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