Ishita and Raman love story season 2 part 4


Ishita and Raman love story part 4
Hi everyone thanks for the suggestions I have decided something ill let you know at the end

Scene 1
Ishita sees Ruhi scared
Ruhi: Ishima
Ishita hugs ruhi
Ruhi: im scared shagun mama is back its not good she is my mom who gave birth to me but seriously the way she acts she creeps me your my ma ishima I lov you more than her
Ishita: I love you to ishi ma is here don’t worry go play with adi
Ruhi: okay ishi ma
Ruhi leaves
Ishita: Shagun wont stay quiet shell do something that well regret I wont let her harm my family
Shagun on the other hand
Shagun: she turned ruhi against me my children I wont let gher win ill get them back
Shagun gets an idea
Shagun; Drama revenge Is my game oo yeah
Shagun: This shagun will show you her abilities

Scene 2
Raman is thinking about ishita
Raman: she told me she loves me do I love her
Ishita comes in
Raman smiles at ishita
Ishita gets tensed seeing him
Ishita in her mind
Ishita: what should I say to him im already sacred to what he will respond im scared ill leave without talking
Raman: ishita
IshitaL yes raman
Raman: about the thing you said yesterday I wanna reply
Mrs. Bhalla: ishita putar
Ishita leaves

Precap: Raman tries to confess his feelings but trouble keeps coming

Spoiler: Shagun will have a dramatic plan shell call someone wholl help her

The name I have decided is
None of then since I have a new idea
Every day episode will be named differently
If Sharukh and Kajol come to solve differences the story name will be Dilwale + ishra
If romantic one the story will be Pyaar ko dastan
Id revenge it would be like Shagun ka revenge ishra
I will mention the name every day at the end of the next one if I change

So tomorrow story name will be
Pyaar milega dobara love story part 5 and 6 combined so stay tuned

Credit to: AHT

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