Ishita and Raman love story season 2 part 3

Ishita and Raman love story season 2 part 3
Hi everyone thanks for the comments I would like to thank Nivedha for suggesting Pyaar milega dobara love story if you think I should use that name or if you have a better name please comment and all think about it final vote will be announced tomorrow
Scene 1
After the party
Ishita and Raman come to their room
Raman: this was a worthless party there is no point in doing this party
Ishita: there is a point
Raman: what
Ishita: Raman I have to say something
Raman: what
Ishita: I I
Raman: you cant say anything whats with the I say what you have to say
Ishita; I love you Raman

Raman is completely shocked
Raman turns and pretends to go to sleep recalling ishita confession
Ishita: he doesn’t respond why
On the other hand
Women: destroy revenge is my game get ready raman and ishita guess who coming
Women hair is shown her dress is shown
Women: lets go to Bhalla house tomorrow morning
Scene 2
The women is seen walking towards Bhalla house
Amma sees her and gets shocked
Amma: you cnat go there
Women: ooo please you cant stop me

The women pushes her and goes in
The women sees Ruhi and Adi and gets happy
Women: Ruhi Adi
Ruhi and Adi get shocked
MRS. Bhalla: you dirty blood why are you here
Women: o please who do you think you are a queen ha your not even worth it
Adi: ishi ma papa
Ishita comes out

Women: o heloo ishita Bhalla
Ishita gets shocked
Ishita: you shagun why are your doing here
Shagun; im here t see my child
Ruhi: we aren’t your children we have ishi ma and papa get out shagun aunti
Shagun; Aunty im your mother
Shagun tries to slap Ruhi
Ishita holds her hand
Ishita; don’t even dare touch my children you hear
Shagun leaves angrily

Precap: Raman looks at ishita and smiles ishita sees it Shagun thinks of a plan Shagn: Drama Revenge is my game hahahah

Spoiler: This Shagun will be way different shell have way different plans this shagun also will have different abilities
Writer: Suggest a story name so far its pyaar milega dobara love story by Nivedha now think or comment a new one I will mention It tomorrow thank you

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  1. I hv a name and it is- ek pyaar ki dusri ajeeb dastaan

  2. Thank you AHT.. Wow Ishu confessed..

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    I think PYAAR MILEGA DOBAARA….is an apt Caption for this story…..& Also ur story gng in a different track….I think it must be click a lot like that ur first season…….keep gng& update regularly….. plzzzzz…….

  4. Nice episode…

  5. Daastan-e-Mohabbat ISHRA ki

  6. Nice one

  7. what does pyaar milega dobaara means?

  8. i think pyar milenge dubara is crt option

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