Ishita and Raman love story season 2 part 1 and 2 combined


Ishita and Raman love story season 2 part 1 and 2 combined
Hi everyone welcome to the season 2 I hope everyone liked season 1 now welcome to season 2 this one will be unique I was thinking of renaming the tittle suggest a name

Scene 1
Ishita Is seen waiting for Raman
Ishita: where is he I hope he remembers tomorrow is our anniversary 1 one
Raman in his car thinking
Raman: im sorry ishita I cant tell you I love you im scared of being betrayed
Raman picks up beer and drinks it and cries
Raman: I don’t wanna be betrayed again first from shagun I got betrayed im just sorry I cant adjust but I love you I want you to live a happy life not with me a divorced person
Raman reaches home
Ishita hears him
Ishita: Raman
Raman: oo helooo madrassan how are you long time no see
Ishita smells something
Ishita: did you drink beer
Raman goes near ishita
Ishita smiles and tells him to sleep
Raman falls on the bed
Ishita stares at him
Ishita: ne day I will win you heart I will

Scene 2
Amma and everyone are downstairs
Ishita and Raman come downstairs
Amma: happy wedding anniversary
Mrs. Bhalla: hope you live happy
Mihika: I hope you both stay romantic forever
Everyone wishes them
Raman is about to go
Ishita follows him
Raman: ishita there is nothing between us so what wedding anniversary is this
Ishita: Raman
Raman: let me go ishita ill be back after work maybe until midnight
Raman leaves
Ishita cries

Scene 3
Mrs. Bhalla: ishita putar lets plan a party
Ishita: mymyji its not necessary raman has to much work he said he wont be back until midnight
Mrs. Bhalla sees ishita tears
Ishita goes
Mrs. Bhalla: o god help me when will theyre differences end I know they love each other butthey don’t confess they need some private time idea
Mrs. Bhalla calls raman
Raman: ji ma
Mrs. Bhalla: come home at 7 pm and this is an order
Raman: ok
Mrs. Bhalla ends the call
She tells everyone the plan
Raman thinks it’s a party
Mihika goes to the shop and buys a dress for ishita
Mihika takes the dress to ishita
Mihika: get ready by 7 ill do your makeup its 6 already
Ishita; were not having a party
Mihika: oo just get ready
Mihika gets ishita ready

Scene 4
Raman comes home and sees the lights off
A spotlight comes it shines on ishita
Raman gets shocked to see ishita so pretty
Raman and ishita walk toward each other
Ishita slips raman catches her
They have a eye look
Ishita: hi raman
Raman: heloo look for the first time madrassan a beauty queen
Ishita smiles
Mrs. Bhalla and everyone come out
Mrs. Bhalla: lets do a dance
Suraj hua madham plays
Ishita and Raman dance
Raman winks to ishita
Raman in his mind
Why am I getting to close to ishita she has to live her life
Raman moves away
Raman goes to the room
RamanL if she loved me she would have confessed by now

Precap: ishita and raman in room ishita is abot to say something ISHITA: I

Spoiler: Ishita ……….. confess her feeling not revealing Will raman accept her

Promo for tomorrow part
Ishita: Raman I
On the other hand
Shagun: get ready ishita and raman a tornado as in me coming your way hahahaha
Will ishita confess her feelings or will shagun destroy their relation

Please tell me how you think of this part and suggest a new name for this story

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice starting…..I like it…..continue it hopefully………

  2. Hiii…a totally change plot and I like it….

  3. Pyaar milega dobara LL it suits your ff?

  4. nice…

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