Ishita and Raman love story season 2 intro


Ishita and Raman love story season 2 intro
Ishita Bhalla- a typical house wife who would stand up for her fmily TRIES TO WIN RAMAN HEART
Raman Bhalla- a typical businessman but loves Ishita doesn’t wanna confess
Santoshi Bhalla: mother of Raman Romi and Rinki
Mr. Bhalla- husband of Santoshi Bhalla
Rinki- sister of raman and romi but married to mihir
Romi- a typical person married to Sarika
Sarika Bhalla- a good person from heart and wife of romi
Amma- mother of Ishita Mihika and Vandu
Mr. Iyer- husband of Amma
Bala: husband of vandu
Mihika- a interesting girl
Shagun arora- Raman ex wife enemy of Ishita and raman
Ashok khana- Raman enemy in office
Ruhi and Adi Bhalla- son and daughter of raman

This story begins with Ishita and raman 1st anniversary Ishita love raman and tries to win raman but raman who doesn’t want to be loved by any girl since shagun betrayal so he loves Ishita also but hides it Shagun will enter the story after a big confrontation EVERYONE TO TRY TO GET RAMAN AND ISHITA TOGETHER FOR THEIR LOVE

Please comment if you want this story first part I will be posting combined parts if you want this story to happen please comment
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Credit to: AHT

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  1. Go ahead with your ff. Wish you all the best. The plot line is interesting.

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  3. its nice

  4. Nice intro…

  5. Of course its intresting waitung for ur ff AHT update it regularly pls thats my request

  6. Amazing storyline!! Go ahead AHT!! Wish u all the very best????????

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