Ishita and Raman love story part 9


Ishita and Raman love story part 9
just to make it clear Ruhi and Adi are in school camp and Shagun has a reason to do this
Scene 1
Shagun is seen planning against Ishita
Shagun: what to do if she finds out im not pregnant il have to go out of the house or they can kick me out because Ishita is pregnant
Shagun picks up her phone
Shagun: heloo
Person: yes
Shagun: I need you to run a car over Ishita
Person: that will cost money
Shagun: I will pay the money$
Person: consider your work done
Shagun: wait if Ishita is safe yur not getting any money
Person: don’t worry shagun I will do that
Shagun: thanks maddy

Scene 2
Ishita is seen walking with romi outside
Ishita: romi don’t feel let down theyre are more opportunities
Romi: I know Bhabhi
A car is coming toward Ishita
Romi sees and pulls Ishita
Ishita: thank you very much romi
Romi: don’t mention it Bhabhi
Shagun in her room gets a call’
Shagun; what happened
Maddy: Shagun she got saved by romi
Shagun: now don’t ask me for money
Maddy: im sorry
Shagun: you cant do a thing then how do you even do operations manoj
Manaoj: sorry shagun anything else
Shagun: ill call you

Scene 3
Shagun goes to Raman
Shagun: Raman I don’t feel well
Raman: what happened
Shagun: my stomach hurts
Raman: what I completely forgot your pregnant
Raman takes Shagun to the hospital
Raman talks to a doctor
Raman: she carries the child for surrogacy and now my wife is pregnant I don’t need the child
Doctor: ok well do abortion bring her in
Raman: shagun come with me
Doctor checks her pulse
Doctor: shes not pregnant
Doctor checks Ishita
Doctor: shes pregnant you want me to do abortion
Raman: no doctor thanks

Scene 4
Shagun is about to sit in the front seat
Raman: shagun sit in the back Ishita sit in the front
Raman starts driving
Raman holds ishitas hand
Iishita smiles’
Shagun gets angry
They reach home
Raman: why shagun did you do drama of your pregnancy
Shagun: I thought I was
Raman: shut up Shagun you lier
Shagun: im not a lier I probably ahd miscarriage
Raman: ill let you stay ere until you feel better
Shagun nods
Raman takes Ishita go their room
Raman: im so happy that ill become a father
Raman talks to ishitas stomach
Papas waiting please come fast we both love you
Raman tries to kiss Ishita
Ishita: Im pregnant raman
Raman: I asked the doctor its fine
Raman and Ishita kiss

Precap: Shagun mixes poison in Ishitas water

Spoiler: shagun to try to give Ishita poison a big twist coming up

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Woow aweeeeeeeeeeesome just keep on going waiting for next update..

    1. Thank you Diya it took me along time to update thanks for your comment keep on reading there will be twists that’s will be shocking

  2. Wooooow…It’s amazing…But no miscarriage..Please please…and ishra scenes r beautiful…

    1. thank you

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