Ishita and Raman love story part 83


Ishita Raman love story part 83
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Scene 1
Shagun is seen thinking
Shagun: what to do
Shagun gets a idea
Shagun: idea ill harm Koyal next but how
Shagun: Shagun you have to kill Ishita to get her out not a kid
Shagun: ok now ishita your big nightmare has awoken
Shagun: congrats on waking me up Ishita now you will die
Shagun: im coming ishita to get my revenge I will stab you and someone else will get the blame
Shagun holds a knife
Shagun heads toward ishita room
A women in ishita rom Is seen wearing a beautiful saree which ishita wears and hair like ishita
The lady is looking at the kids
Shagun covers her face
Shagun: good bye ishita
Shagun stabs the women from behind
Shagun runs and is outside the room
The women turns
Shagun gets shocked
Ishita screams in pain
Ishita: aaaaaaaaahhhhhh
Raman runs to the room and the family too
Raman sees ishita stabbed and cries
Raman: ishita wake up ishita
Ishita doesn’t move
Raman takes ishita to the hospital
Doctor: has she had many injuries before
Raman: yes she fell off a cliff once
Doctor: ok we have to check her
Doctor after a while comes out
Doctor: shes critical
Raman; what
Doctor: we cant say anything The knife that stabbed her is too sharp we have to do a operation
Raman: save my ishita and cries
Ruhi and the family console him

Precap: The police questions everyone and finds a ring on the floor Ishita condition worsens

Spoiler: Ishita condition to be critical Raman to breakdown Shagun to get happy
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Credit to: AHT

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