Ishita and Raman love story part 81 and ishita Raman ki mohabatein part 16

Ishita and Raman love story part 81 and ishita raman ki mohabatein part 16
Hi everyone this is the new format
. These stories will be posted together
. the first one always ishita Raman love story then on the bottom the other one
. Who ever is asking about YRKKH story I forgot that one im sorry I will write a new one just for the requests thank you
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Ishita and Raman love story part 81
Scene 1
Ishita is seen preparing chocolate milk for Adi
Raman: ishita
Ishita goes
Shagun comes and sees the milk
Shagun adds cat poison in it
Shagun leaves
Ishita returns and gets the milk and takes it to Adi
Ishita: Adi here you go chocolate milk
Adi: thank you
Ishita leaves
Adi drinks it and faints
Shagun: Adi Raman Ishita
Ishita and Raman come and get shocked to see Adi fainted
Ishita: Adi
Raman takes Adi to the hospital
Doctor checks him
Doctor: hes okay but he drank cat poison
Ishita and Raman get shocked
Ishita: how is that possible
Shagun: what
Ishita: he drank the milk last oo no
Raman: ishita how can you be so care less
Shagun smiles seeing ishita get scolded
Shagun: Raman maybe it was an accident let it be
Raman: no
Raman continues to yell at ishita
Raman mistakenly calls her
Raman: dumbo and stupis you don’t deserve to be a mom
Ishita cries and goes
Ishita takes care of Ranveer and Koyal
Precap: Raman apologizes to ishita Ishita and Raman cute fight

Ishita Raman ki mohabatein part 16
Scene 1
The real ishita comes into the house
Mrs. Bhalla: you dirty blood you dare to return
Ishita: Mumy ji
Mrs. Bhalla: you have lost that right to call me mumyji you hear you have lost it
Ishita is shocked
Ishita: what did I do
Mrs. Bhalla: look at the innocence Raman just kicked you out and now you returned
Ishita: I didn’t do anything mumyji
Mrs. Bhalla: what didn’t you do you slapped Ruhi insulted Raman and me
Ishita is shocked
Ishita: I have to see Ruhi
Ishita runs \
Mrs. Bhalla follows her
Ishita sees Ruhi crying
Ishita: Ruhi
Ruhi: stay away from me ishi ma
Ishita: ruhi beta
Ishita goes near her
Ruhi pushes her
Ruhi: you slapped me
Mrs. Bhalla drags ishita out
Precap: ishita meets her friend Abeer he wows to help her
Spoiler: A big twist approaching
Thank you Maanvi for the name

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