Ishita and Raman love story part 8


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Fri 11/27/2015 10:17 PM
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Ishita and Raman love story part 8
Scene 1
Ishita wakes up at 5:00 pm
Ishita: why did I sleep in the day?
Ishita feels like eating spicy food
Ishita goes to the kitchen
Ishita sees achar
Ishita eats it
Raman comes from the back and hugs her
Raman: Ishita I missed you while at office
Ishita: ap bi na
Raman: I love you so much
Ishita blushes
Ishita: I love you to
Raman takes Ishita to the room
Raman kisses Ishita and tries to become intimate
Ishita: I’ll be right back
Ishita gets up and faints
Raman catches her
Raman: Ishita wake up Ishita wake up
Raman: I’ll take you to a doctor

Scene 2
Raman is carrying Ishita TO THE DOCTORS ROOM
Raman: doctor shes been feeling dizzy and she fainted
Doctor: let me check her you go outside
Ishita wakes up
Ishita: what happened?
Doctor: do you vomit a lot
Ishita: yes I do
Doctor: wait I have to call raman in
Raman enters
Raman: doctor what happened
Doctor: congrats Raman Ishita bhalla is pregnant
Ishita shocked
Raman hugs Ishita
Doctor: but
Ishita: what doctor
Doctor: Ishita im gonna give you medication because your not supposed to vomit its not a normal thing for your babys dna
Ishita is shocked
Doctor: vomit doesn’t mean your pregnant if your vomiting doesn’t stop youll losse your baby
Ishita and Raman are shocked

Scene 3
Ishita and Raman return home
Mrs bhalla: what happened
Raman: Ishita is pregnant and
Ishita holds raman signs no
Eeryone gets happy
Shagun is seen angry
Shagun: they became that intiamate that Ishita got pregnant I will make sure you get a miscarriage
Ishita: did you say something Shagun
Shagun: nothing

Shagun spills something on the way
Shagun in her mind
When you slip Ishita good bye to your baby
Ishita is seen walking toward her room with raman
Ishita slips Raman catches her
Raman: why is this floor wet
Mrs bhalla: take her to the room ill get this cleaned
Ishita and raman reach
Ishita hugs raman
Ishita: you saved our baby and me
Raman: I care about you Ishita I wont let anything happen to you and our baby you both are my lives
Ishita: I wish ruhi and adi were here they went to hostel I miss them
Raman: dot worry they will be happy knowing this

Shagun in her mind
Watch and what I do Isita ill make everyone against you ill kill yor baby
Shagun laughs

Precap: A car is about to hir Ishita and romi saves her Shagun is seen talking to someone about what to do

Spoiler: Shagun to plan against Ishi

Credit to: AHT

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  1. no shagun negative …

  2. But again shagun turns evil…please make the things clear …
    Sry if it hurts u

    1. Shagun is evil read the part i posted shagun is pretending

  3. At last ishita is pregnant…hahaha…but please no miscarriage…nice…keep it up…

  4. Omg adi n ruhi in hostel oh its impossible in serial

    1. to make it clear adi and ruhi arent in a hostel theryre in school camp to make things clear

  5. Oh OK I got confused as in the update there was written hostel now its clear thanks

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