Ishita and Raman love story part 78 (new storyline)


Ishita Raman love story part 78 (new storyline)
Hi friends I have returned from all my breaks I was busy with other fanfictions I have returned soon after a while I will start ishita raman ki mohabatein and is it love and ff will start soon . I have to start a love story with a new turn so we will begin a new storyline ishita mask one was old now it’s the new one Thanks for the support please comment
Ishita: Raman
Raman: yes
Ishita: Suhana Subbu and Shagun we faced a lot
Raman: I know right
Ishita: I hope we never get a new trouble in our family
Raman: I hope so
Ishita hears Ranveer and Koyal crying and goes to them
A woman is seen walking
Woman: I have returned Raman to have my revenge I will have to break your marriage don’t think Ishita I wont leave you alone
Women face expression The women laughs
Women: what did you do those 7 years ago I will never forget
Women: I remember it my name is Rani
Women eyes and face is shown A beautiful lady
She goes into flashback
Raman: Rani you know what I have fallen in love
Rani: Really Raman
Raman: why do you have a problem Ill tell you later who I have fallen in love with
Raman leaves
Rani: Raman I love you and will propose to you I know you love me
Raman: I LOVE Shagun
Rani gets heartbroken and leaves
Rani starts to cry \
Flashback ends

Rani: Im coming Raman to break your marriage and earn you back
Shagun Comes and taps on Rani back
Shagun: Rani
Rani turns and gets shocked to see Shagun
Rani: O Raman wife came here do I have to kill her
Rani: Got it I will kill you
Shagun: Raman and I aren’t married divorced he has ishita they had 2 new kids Ruhi and Adi are with him
Rani: o so why are you here
Shagun; I want revenge
Rani: what
Shagun: I wil kill ishita for doing this I want revenge
Rani: o really
Shagun: if you help me I will get Raman property Ruhi Adi Ranveer and Koyal and you will get Raman I don’t need him
Rani: Ok Shagun but whats the plan
Shagun: DON’T THINK you can be over smart with me ok
Rani: Ok
Raman and Ishita on the other hand are talking
Raman hugs Ishita from the back
Raman: I love you Ishita”
Ishita: I love you too
Raman: Your eyes are soo beautiful
Ishita smiles
Raman flirts with ishita
Ishita: Raman you
Ishita runs

Raman: Ishita you will automatically have to return
Ishita smiles and blushes
Ishita throws a flying kiss
Raman catches it and gives it back
Raman goes to Ranveer and picks him up and then Koyal
Ruhi and Adi have returned
Ruhi and Adi: Papa Ishi ma
Ishita comes down and hugs Ruhi and Adi
Ishita; I missed you too

Precap: Rani comes and hugs Raman Ishita comes and gets shocked
Spoiler: New twist to come from Rani and Shagun to ruin lives
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Credit to: AHT

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  1. Welcome back missed ur ff BTW nice one

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