Ishita and Raman love story part 77

Ishita and Raman love story part 77
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Shagun and Subbu set on a plan
Its 12 PM
Shagun runs to Bhalla house
Subbu on the other hand tries to get in through the window wearing a mask
Shagun comes to Bhalla home
Ishita and Raman get shocked
Shagun pretends
Shagun: ishita I heard Subbu is in your house and trying to kidnap your kids
Shagun pretends to faint
Ishita holds her
Ishita: Shagun
Ishita: We have to go see now
Ishita Raman and Shagun run to the room
Subbu picks Koyal up
Ishita and Raman come in

Raman runs and catched Subbu and beats him
Raman takes koyal from his hands and then removes the mask
Ishita: Subbu
Ishita goes up and slasp him
Ishita: are you ever gonna learn a lesson
Ishita: get out
Subbu leaves
Ishita goes to Shagun
Ishita: thank you Shagun without your help we woldnt have known that Subbu was doing this
Raman: Shagun how did you know
Shagun: I was walking and then crashed into Subbu he said he needed my help I asked him for what he said I will kidnap ishita kid at 12 pm today
Ishita: Shagun I thank you your like my sister from now on
Ishita hugs Shagun
Raman: really Shagun I thank you

Shagun: no need for it
Mrs. Bhalla comes and sees Shagun and gets shocked
Mrs. Bhalla: what is this dirty blood doing here

Precap: Everyone forgives Shagun and insists her to live with them
Spoiler: Shagun to create riot
Ishita: Shagun you will live with us
Shagun: no its not need
Ishita insists Shagun stays
Shagun in her room
Shagun: I have succeded in my plan and now watch what I do
Shagun laughs
Will Shagun succeed or will ishita find out the truth?

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