Ishita Raman love story part 77 and Ishita Raman ki Mohabatein part 13

Ishita and Raman love story part 78′ and Ishita Raman ki mohabbatein part 13
Hi everyone sorry for not posting I have returned and will post from now on this is short tomorrow will be long these both are together because it’s like that

Scene 1
Adi: come Shagun mama you will stay in my room
Shagungoes with adi smiling
Ishita runs to her room
Ishita starts to cry
Raman comes
Raman: Ishita stop crying you have to be brave
Ishita: I can’t be brave easily
Raman: you have to protect the house from Shagun shell ruin everything
Ishita: I know
Raman hugs Ishita

Scene 2
Shagun is seen thinking
Shagun: Ishita I have returned and now watch what I will do in just these 4 days you will face challenges if it takes more I will make sure it does
Shagun laughs evilly

Pre cap: Shagun mixes cat poison in Adi milk Ishita takes it to him
Spoiler: Adi life in danger Ishita blamed

Ishita Raman ki mohabbatein
Hi this is together now from now on

Scene 1
Shagun is seen
Shagun: I will think of something Ishita maybe I’ll get rid of you
Shagun: no actually I will
Shagun: tomorrow I will take you and push you and better what I’ll wear your mask and make everyone against you
Shagun laughs

Scene 2
Shagun: Ishita come with me to the shopping mall
Ishita: ok let’s go
Ishita: mummy ji we’ll be back
Shagunreceives a call
Shagun: excuse me
Shagun: hello yes is Ishita mask ready
Person: yes it is
Shagun: ok bye
Shagun drives the car and brings it on top of the cliff
Ishita: why did you stop here
Shagun goes out without saying something
Ishita follows her
Shagun: Ishita bhalla
Ishita: why are we here
Shagun: Ishita come let me show you a view
Ishita sees a big fall
Ishita gets close
Shagun pushes Ishita
Shagun holds her hand
Ishita: don’t let go
Shagun: bye Ishita this was all my plan hahahahaha
Ishita: no
Shagun lets go
Ishita starts to fall
Ishita keeps falling and falls
Shagun gets the mask

Precap: shags wearing Ishita mask irritates the whole family while on the other hand Ishita is seen waking up somewhere
Spoiler: Ishita is alive bit a twist

Ishita Raman is it love will start this weekend

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