Ishita and Raman love story part 76

Ishita and Raman love story part 76
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Raman and ishita are seen talking on the 14
Raman: happy Valentine’s Day
Ishita: happy Valentine’s Day
Raman: on this occasion I would like to say I love you
Ishita: I love you too
Raman: shall we have a dance
Ishita: but
Raman: go wear this and come back
Ishita goes to change
Raman decorates the room
Ishita comes out wearing a black dress

Ishita sees the lights off
Ishita: Raman
Raman turns on the lights
Ishita get surprised to see decorations
Raman plays Janam janam from dilwale
Raman and ishita start dancing of janam janam
The song changes to Gerua
They keep on dancing
Raman taking the chance kisses ishita
Ishita blushes
Ishita: Ranveer and Koyal will start crying
Raman: there in ma room so ma will take care of them
Ishita smiles
Raman: your mine today
Raman then picks ishita up
Raman puts her on the bed
Raman kisses her neck then eye lid then carreses her
They get intiamate

On the other hand
Shagun is seen talking to herself
Shagun; ishita you might be having a splendid time today but soon I will ruin your life
Shagun: im ready to destroy you life youll regret sending me to jail
Shagun: you all will pay for everything I will get my Raman Ruhi and Adi and Ranveer and Koyal I will make ishita leave even if I have to kill her Ranveer and koyal
Shagun: first I hav to earn ishita trust and raman also but how
Shagun starts to think
Shagun: what to do I cant do the same plan what to do
Shagun: I have to raen ishita trust
Shagun: Subbu
Shagun; Subbu I will use him against ishita and raman I will earn their trust by using him again
Shagun calls Subbu
Subbu: heloo
Shagun: This is Shagun
Subbu: Shagun you what do you want?
Shagun: I need to ruin ishita and Raman life if you do Ishita will be yours and Raman will be mine
Subbu: what do I need to do?
Shagun: well do this you have to pretend to kidnap Ranveer this afternoon at 12 that’s when Raman and ishita re home I will go there pretend to be on their side ill warn them and then they should start trusting me
Subbu: okay

Its morning
Ishita and Raman wake up

Precap: As per Shagun plan at 12 she goes to Bhalla house shocking Raman and ishita
Spoiler: Shagun plan to start
Shagun: now it’s the time to take revenge
Shagun: ishita Raman I heard Subbu trying to kidnap your kid
Ishita ramana get shocked
Will her plan succeed this time or will she fail?

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