Ishita and Raman love story part 75

Ishita and Raman loves story part 75
Hi everyone thanks for commenting Valentine day is on but the valentine day part will be posted on Monday sorry
Scene 1
A person masked enters and sees the babies
He takes a knife
The person is about to stab the Ranveer
Someone holds his hand
Its Shagun
Ishita wakes up and gets shocked and also wakes up Raman
Shagun slaps the person
Shagun: you have no manners why ould you stab alittle kid killing him shame
Ishita: Shagun
Shagun: sorry ishita I have done many things bad but I heard this person saying hell stab ishita kid
Ishita gets shocked

Raman hits the goon
Raman: who sent you here
Goon jumps out the window land and runs away
Ishita picks Ranveer up and hugs him
Ishita: my baby thank you shagun
Raman: we cant trust her she is no good
Shagun in her mind
How much proof does he want I have to think of another plan
Shagun: ok then bye
Shagun leaves leaving ishita thinking

Precap: Ishita Raman get romantic Shagun to start black magic
Spoiler: Black magic to bring twists

Do you guys want the black magic track
Yes or no and please comment your thoughts

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  1. Reshma Pradeep

    Nooooo yaar……….. The episode is Nice but Noo black magic yaar…….

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