Ishita and Raman love story part 73

Ishita and Raman love story part 73
Hi everyone thanks for commenting but there has to be twists in the story if you get me please agree and im noticing not a lot of people are commenting if you have a suggestion for the story please comment it a new track then your name will be mentioned in the story thank you

Scene 1
Premika leaves the house
The goons put Ishita in the room and run
Ishita wakes up
Ishita: ive been sleeping that long
Raman: oo look who has woken up witch
Ishita: what happened
Raman: look at the cuteness aww
Ishita: I
Raman: shut up Ishita you are selfish and greedy and you don’t care about anyone not even your kids
Ishita: what I will take care of them
Raman: im their father
Ishita: well im their mother they are mine a mom has more right than you could you keep them in a womb for 9 months
Raman: oo that was a mistake yo should have gotten abortion ha
Ishita tears start to come
Raman leaves and cries
Ishita cries

Scene 2
Ishita is seen having a illusion
Mrs. Bhalla: you are a horrible women
Raman: and its proven
Amma: I never expexted this from you ishu you aren’t my daughter
Sarika: what happened Bhabhi you kicked me our now its your turn
Mihika; how could you di
Raman: you don’t even have rights on your kids anymore just get out
Raman drags her
Ishita comes out of the illusion
Ishita: why did I have this is this gonna happen no it cant happen
Raman hears Ishita scream
Raman sees Ishita crying
Raman: why do I feel I did something bad

Scene 3
The family returns the iyer family goes to their house for freshing up
Mrs. Bhalla: Ishita putar
No response
Mrs. Bhalla: Ishita putar
Ishita comes down
Mrs. Bhalla sees her eyes swollen and realizes shes been crying
Mrs. Bhalla: Raman
Raman comes down holding one baby and Neelu comes down holding the other
Mrs, Bhalla: what happened why is Ishita crying
Raman: o ma don’t get started she has betrayed us
Raman calls everyone
Raman plays the video
Everyone gets shocked
Raman gets shocked as well
It’s a video of bhajan
Mrs. Bhalla: you trouble Ishita to much enough of your jokes go get the bags

Scene 4
Ishita: it looks like ill have to leave the house with my babies
Ishita reflection speaks
No ishita you cant leave this house comeon you have to show your innocent and raman is the one that’s betraying them come on ishita you cant leave

Precap: Saransh starts to provoke Ishita to leave the house

Spoiler: Misunderstandings to end Saransh plan to fail

Writer: I need a suggestion of the next track I should have im thinking of a Nagin track if no suggestion are suggested the nagin track it is suggest in if it gets chosen ill mention your name

Credit to: AHT


  1. Neha

    Please no nagin track as I didn’t believe in all these things and moreover ishra story is looking real and the nagin didn’t exist in the real life…please if you don’t have any new track then end this ff on a good note…and start a new ff…sorry if it hurt you…this is just my opinion…

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