Ishita and Raman love story part 73 AND 74 COMBINED


Ishita and Raman love story part 73 and 74 combined
The last part was 72 sorry it was a mistake this part is 73 and 74 combined the new track I have thought of will be metioned in the spoiler don’t worry its not a nagin track and those who wonder what a nagin is ita a snake that can take form of someone but its fake

Scene 1
Ishita: I should leave this house
Saransh comes
Saransh: Ishita you should levae this house
Ishita: I feel your right but what will happen to my kids and me ill also take ruhi and adi but they keep going to camp
Saransh: you know if you leave raman that means divorce
Ishita slaps Saransh
Ishita: im sorry to slap you but getting divorced from Raman is a worst thing for me
Raman hears this and cries in happiness
Ishita: you can leave
Saransh: im sorry
Ishita: its okay im sorry for getting to angry
Saransh: its okay and leaves
Saransh leaves while recalling Ishita slapping him

Scene 2
Raman goes to Ishita
Raman: Ishita im sorry that I doubted you it was that video that took my minds off
Ishita: what video
Raman shows her the video
Ishita: Raman that’s not me
Raman: what
Ishita: I saw you hugging a girl
Raman: that was the girl fault
Premika comes
Premika: Raman and Ishita
Ishita and Raman shocked to see Ishita lookalike
Premika: im sorry I had to come to tell you that your relation is being affected by someone that was me who troubled you Raman
Mrs. Bhalla and the family come and sees Ishita lookalike and hears her saying it gets shocked
Ishita: who did this
Premika: I can tell you the name but don’t tell him hell kill my child
Ishita: what
Mrs. Bhalla: who is it we promise to protect you
Premika: Saransh
Ishita: what
Raman: what
The whole family members atnd in shock
Ishita: you have proof
Premika: look at this video
They look at the video
Saransh: I have won I sent you by blackmailing you and that video I sent to Raman and that hugging part I made a girl do you can leave
Premika: now you ettr not harm my child
Sarash: maybe I will still
Premika leaves from there
Video ends
Premika: so now I came here from there I have to go bye
Ishita: thank you for telling
Ishita hugs Premika
Amma: Saransh who I treated as my child did this

Scene 3
Ishita calls Saransh
Ishita; Saransh come take me I cant live here anymore
Saransh: okay im coming
Ishita disconnects the call
Saransh gets happy is on the way
Ishita; I promise Saransh I will get you death punishment
Saransh comes and sees Ishita waiting
Family members hiding
Saransh comes near Ishita
Ishita slaps him
He falls
Ishita: what did you think Saransh you can separate me and Raman
Ishita slaps him agin
Ishita: my and raman heart are connected you cant separate them
Ishita: get up
Police comes
Saransh: poilice what proof do they have I report on Raman for slapping his wife
Ishita gives the video to the police
The handcuffs come on Saransh
Ishita: remember this is what you get no bail and remember never to return I treated you as my brother but you
Raman: poilice take him away
Amma: I will never forget this
Mrs. Bhalla: take this dirty person out of here
Raman and Ishita go to their room
Ishita: Raman im sorry
Raman: no Ishita its my fault im sorry
Raman and Ishita hug
Raman takin the chance liplocks her
Raman then kissed her eye then check then neck
Raman then caressed her and got to hot with her


A NEW SEASON IS COMING ISHITA AND Raman love story season 2 part 1 wil be posted tomorrow im very thank ful to all of you I will be posting intro of the other season just read please thanks to everyone its been a splendid time but writing this story ill miss
A new story is coming with a new stoyline ishiat and raman love story season 2 starts tomorrow don’t forget to read thanks agin ill never forget writing this story I have written the intro and that’s been sumbited also thank you

Credit to: AHT

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