Ishita and Raman love story part 71

Ishita and Raman love story part 71
Hi everyone im back to writing this story I really missed writing my favorite one so the other story I write Ishita Raman ki mohabatein will end soon and I will keep writing this one as well
Scene 1
Ishita and Raman wake up
Ishita recalls the night
Ishita and raman lip lock
Raman and ishita hot night
Ishita smiles
Raman: my madrassan has finally woken up
Ishita: ap bi na
The babies cry ishita goes to them
Ishita consoles them

Scene 2
Police station
Girl Inspector: bring prisoner 422 out now
The person comes out
Girl inspector: im releasing you since your punishment has finished and girl you better remember next time you can get death punishment
Girl: yes
The girl removes her scarf and her eyes are shown then face
Girl inspector: Ms. Shagun Arora please sign here
Shagun signs and goes outside
Shagun: I have been waiting to get out of this prison for more than a year
Shagun: I Shagun Arora have returned
Shagun laughs
Shagun: and my one priority destroying Bhalla family
Shagun sits in a taxi and goes to her home
Shagun at her home
Shagun: my beautiful home but without Raman its nothing I will go there again but before I must destroy ishita life shell regret coming in my life and sending e to jail

Scene 3
Ishita senses something bad
Ishita gets worried
Mrs. Bhalla: ishita putar what happened why do you look worried
Ishita: nothing mumyji I just feel like something bad is gonna happen
Mrs. Bhalla: nothing will happen I feel it to but Saransh and Suhana cant do anything know
Ishita: I don’t know mumyji I just feel like something bad is gonna happen
Mrs. Bhalla takes Koyal while Ishita makes Ranveer sleep

Scene 4
Raman is at his office
He receives a rose bouquet
Raman: is it from ishita
Raman reads the note
Dear Raman
I love you to the pieces of myself I have returned I waited long enough for you that now I have returned
From your ex no not ex from Anonymous
Raman: it has to be from ishita
Raman: I will gift her something today
Raman: Romi please call a jeweler here
Raman: I will buy ishita a gold necklace
Shagun is seen coming to Raman office
Shagun: a jeweler here
Shagun: jeweler you here
Jeweler: Raman Bhalla has bought a gold necklace for his wife I just sold it to him
Shagun: ok go
Shagun: o my god she seriously is gonna pay now I wont let ishita succeed with anything
Shagun: I will ruin your life ishita

Precap: Raman gifts ishita the gold necklace ishita becomes emotional while Shagun thinks of a deadly plan
Spoiler: Shagun plan to …………………………………………………. (not telling)
Sorry this is short because im working on Ishita Raman ki Mohabatein also

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