Ishita and Raman love story part 71 and 72 combined

Ishita and Raman love story part 72 and 73 combined
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Scene 1
Ishita and Raman wake up in different rooms
Ishita recalls their argument
Ishita: Raman it’s a good thing I got to know in time I will teach you a lesson you never forget
Ishita: Im sorry to hurt you but I have to do this
Raman on the other hand
Raman: ill start ignoring her then watch shell regret
Ishita and Raman meet in breakfast table
Raman: where is neelu and where is my breakfast
Ishita brings a toast that is black and burned with a heavy heart
Raman: what is this you expect me to eat this where I neelu
Ishita: o she is on shopping for my babies
Raman: why are you giving me burnt breakfast
IshitaL deal with it Raman
Ishita in her heat is sad
Raman: you don’t care about anyone except your self
Ishita: oo really
Raman gets up so does Ishita
Raman: its reality you don’t even care about your kids
Ishita; like you do
Ishita comes near at him yelling
Ishita: so you expect me not say anything
Raman: oo please don’t show me your drama
Ishita: my drama
Raman slaps Ishita by mistake
Raman and Ishita get shocked
Ishita starts to cry and leave
Raman cries and leaves for office
Raman: I will apologize Ishita it was an accident

Scene 2
Saransh has keept a camera in the house and gets happy seeing what happened
Saransh: I will now Ishita will get broken down
Saransh doorbell rings
Saransh opens the door
Girl: heloo I am premika from insurance agency would you like to buy insurance
Saransh gets shocked to see her
Girl: so would you like to see
Saransh: Ishita
Girl: im Premika not Ishita
Saransh gets an idea
Saransh: ill pay you for doing something I know you need money ill give you money for your family
Premika is hopeless and she agrees since she has a mother and family to take care off
Saransh: you will go as Ishita lookalike and do a lot of drama
Premika: that’s ruining a life
Sransh: if you don’t do it ill get one of your family member killed
Premika: okay
Saransh starts to teach Premika

Scene 3
Some goons enter the house
They put a sleeping tissue on Ishita and take her
Premika comes looking like Ishita
Premika: sorry god that I have to do this for my family im sorry
Premika hears babies crying goes to them
She consoles them
Raman comes
Premka recalls Saransh plan
Raman: Ishita
Premika: Ishita is here
Raman: im sorry
Premika: what sorry ha you first do a wrong thing by slapping me you’re a horrible husband I should have gotten dicorced
Raman shocked by her words
On the other hand Ishita is being kept asleep
Premika: oo mr Bhalla who do you think you are your actua;ly a ravan
Raman: what did you say
Premika: you raman are a ravan
Premika walks in Ishita style goes near him grabs his collar and pushes him
Raman falls
Premika laughs
Premika in her brain
Im ruining a relation I shouldn’t do this but for my family I will just 2 hours more then ill go since Ishita will wake up
A goon is seen walking
Premika: you cnat walk go back
Goon: oo please she is in the storeroom
Premika: Raman will catch you just go
Goon goes back to storeroom

Scene 4
Raman is broken and cries virgously that Ishita behavior has changed
Premika: oo Raman im going to sleep take care of my babies I haven’t slept last night
Raman in his mind
What is she trying to prove I Raman will take god care of the house

Precap: Ishita is about to wake up they put her back in the room when she gets down Raman yells at her Ishita cries
Spoiler: Ishita lookalike to leave trouble for Ishita and raman Saransh will be seen trying to destroy their relation
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