Ishita and Raman love story part 70 and 71 combined

Ishita and Raman love story part 70 and 71 combined
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Scene 1
Saransh is seen thinking
Saransh: what to do what should I do
Saransh sees himself in the mirror
Saransh reflection starts talking
Saransh reflection: you Saransh now is the main time you have to separate this Ishita and raman you have to o plan divorce
Saransh: what
Saransh reflection: create many many problems between Raman and Ishita anfd then fights then automatically divorce then you can marry Ishita
Saransh comes out of his imagination
Saransh: now I think lets get to work frst misunderstandings
Saransh purposely calls Raman mobile phone with an unknown number
Ishita: Raman you have a call
RamanL im taking a shower pick it up
Ishita: ok
Ishita picks the call up

Ishita: heloo
Saransh had hired a girl to help him
Girl: heloo Raman baby
Ishita: who is this
Girl: Raman im your girlfriend who you promised to meet at near your office and you love me once you said it when you were in goa for a week I love you see you Raman
Ishita cuts the phone
Ishita recalls Raman going to goa for a week
Rraman: who was it
Ishita: some credit card person
Ishita in her ming
Raman cant betray me ill go no matter what to see

Scene 2
Raman is seen infront of his office
Ishita is hiding behind a tree
The girl runs to Raman and hugs him
Girl: I love you baby baby I love you
Ishita gets shocked
Raman is also shocked
Girl: you promised to marry me
Ishita leaves crying
Raman: im raman and already married
Girl: oo sorry I thought you were my boyfriend
Raman: its okay
Girl goes to Saransh takes the money and goes
Saransh: o know I will go to Ishita and make her against Raman

Scene 3
Ishita is seen crying about the time
Ishita: everyone went to india for vication Raman wanted to stay could this be the reason how could you Raman
Saransh comes
Saransh: Ishita why are you crying
Ishita: nothing

Saransh: Ishita you can tell me im your friend
Ishita tells him everything
Saransh: I think you should confront him make sure he believes in you what husband can do such a thing Ishita stand up fight for yourself or else your babies will regret having Raman as their father Ishita come on fight
Ishita gets up
Ishita: Raman you come home ill show you who this sihita really is
Ishita goes to her babies
Saransh: plan successful now its Raman time
Saransh sends a rose with a note to Raman house
The door bell rings
Raman takes it and reads the note
Raman gets shocked
Raman sees a cd
Raman picks the cd up and purts it
Saransh has phot edited it
Boy: oo Ishita they hug
Saransh sees this form a window
Saransh: im a computer genius I purposely made a girl act then changed her face with Ishita
Raman gets heartbroken
Raman cries
Raman: Ill show her who Raman is

Scene 4
Raman: Ishita
Ishita: what (IN A AGRY TONE)
Raman in his mind
She has to be doing it or else why would she be so angry
Raman: ill sleep on the couch today you can have the bed
Ishita: who do you think you are mr raman Bhalla orderig me Ishita around
Raman:: oo please ishita shut up
Ishita: why should I you shut up
Raman: Ishita im your husband don’t cross the limits
Ishita: im crossing the limits in you =r dreams
Raman: im going to sleep in mumyji room bye Ishita
Ishita: heloo I have no ineret sleeping here
Raman: whats for dinner
Ishita: karala
Raman: you know I hate that
Ishita: I love it so I made it if you have a problem well then too bad to sad eat it or sleep hungry
Raman: you have lost your mind
Ishita: I haven’t you have
Raman leaves
Ishita falls and cries virgously
Ishita: he is so ride that’s why he is showing he doesn’t love me
Raman on the other hand is crying
Raman: she behaved badly she doesn’t love me
Raman and Ishita cry

Precap: Raman and Ishita start to argue more Raman mistakenly slaps Ishita that shocks Raman and Ishita then Ishita cries

Spoiler: Raman to slap Ishita by mistake Ishita to take it seriously Saransh to add spice the arguments so he can get Ishita

Writer: thanks everyone for supporting me
Tell me if this track is good or not please I need feedback

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