Ishita and Raman love story part 7

Ishita and Raman love story part 7
Sorry it’s short

Scene 1
Shagun in her room
Shagun: this is too much she has taken everything away from me
Shagun goes to a flashback
Shagun: manoj I wanna take revenge from bhalla so I will pretend to carry their child
Shagun calls Ashok
Shagun: Ashok this is what you have to do then one of the family members will be put to blame
Ashok smiles

Scene 2
Ishita goes to Shagun
Ishita:if you don’t stop this drama I won’t leave you
Shagun: you’ll do what
Ishita: Shagun you don’t know me I can do many things to protect my family from you
Shagun: keep dreaming Mrs. Ishita iyer because iyer will be your surname again
Ishita: I won’t let that happen
Shagun: you’ll see what Shagun can do
Ishita goes out the room
Ishita goes to Raman
Raman: what happened why are you worried
Ishita: nothing Raman I’m just thinking
Raman: okay my madrassan
Ishita hugs Raman
Raman: why are you getting romantic ha don’t or else I won’t be able to go to office
Ishita blushes
Ishita: Raman ap bi na
Raman smiles

Scene 3
Ishita is seen wondering while cooking
Simi enters
Simi: Ishita what happened
Ishita: nothing
Simi: you can tell me
Ishita: there is nothing
Ishita leaves
Ishita feels dizzy
Raman: Ishita you okay
Ishita: yes
Raman: well go to the doctor
Ishita: I’m fine Raman
Ishita goes to her room
Ishita feels like vomiting
Ishita goes to the bathroom

Scene 4
Ishita sleeps
Raman: why is she sleeping in the day
Raman: she looks so cute while sleeping
Raman smiles

Precap: Ishita to faint Raman to take her to doctor and gets shocked

Spoiler: Shagun to create drama but failes

Credit to: AHT


  1. ritu arora

    Is thr any rules tht vomoting is leads to pregnency sry guyz if my que irritates u in all cinemas daily soaps all r showing this only if a lead gets vomitting thn nxt scene will be her pregnency scene . Change the as usual scene yaar..

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