Ishita and Raman love story part 68 and 69 combined


Ishita and Raman love story part 68 and 69 combined
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Scene 1
Saransh opens his eyes
Saransh sees a doctor
Ishita: you okay
Raman: yes you okay
Saransh: im fine completely
Doctor: see your hand it has a plaster you cant more it for a week
Saransh gets shocked
Doctor leaves
Saransh: sorry Ishita I cant dance with you ill go home now sorry Ishita
Saransh leaves being angry
Ishita: Raman are you walking
Raman: I feel so vetter I can dance
Ishita: we will perform tonight

Scene 2
Saransh comes to the party
Saransh in his mind
I cant dance Raman cant dance who is she gonna dance with yes Ishita you will be mine
Mr. Bhalla: welcome to the new year contest we will have couples participating since I wont be judging I was walking and special people MEET ME AND ASKED ME TO COME SO I LET THEM
Mr. Bhalla: for this judging I present you Sharukh Khan King of Romance Kajol Varun Dhawan and Kritika Sanon
Everyone claps
Mr. and Mrs Malhotra are seen confident of winning so do other Jodi
Sharukh: let the performances begin
First comes Mr and Mrs Malhotra
They dance on tum hi ho
Mr. Bhalla: now I resent you Ishita and Raman Bhalla
Everyone clAPS
Saransh shocked and very unhappy
Raman and Ishita dance on Premika from dilwale
Everyone claps
The performances end
Sharukh: Varun and Kritika will perform now
Varun and Kritika dance on Manma emotion jaage re from dilwale which they performed on in the movie
Gerua plays Kajol and Sharukh dance
Sharukh: thw winner Is
Varun: The winner Is
Kritika: the winner is R
Kajol: Raman and Ishita
Everyone claps
Ishita and Raman go on stage
The countdown begins
5 4 3 2 1 happy new year
Sharukh Kajol Varun Kritika leave
Ishita hugs Raman
Raman takes her
Saransh gets angry
Saransh: they cant have romance no
Raman brings Ishita
Raman: I would like to give you something for 2016
Raman liplocks Ishita
Raman first kissed her eyelid then cheek then neck
Then Caressed her
They night become too romantic

Scene 3
Ishita and Raman wake up
Ruhi and Adi have returned
Ruhi and Adi hug Ishita and Raman then go to change
When no one is there
Raman hugs Ishita
The babies cry
Ishita goes to them
Saransh wakes up
Saransh: first day of 2016 have to think of a new plan to separate them I cant let them get to close to each other I wont like that

Precap: Saransh thinks of a master plan

Spoiler: Saransh plan to cause misunderstanding and fight between Ishita and Raman
Writer: thanks for everyone support how should I continue this stort
Give suggestions on how to continue this story your name will be mentioned thank you in advance

Credit to: AHT

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