Ishita and Raman love story part 66 and 67 combined

Ishita and Raman love story part 66 and 67 combined
Hi everyone thanks for your suggestions I AHT thank everyone who comment happy belated new year I missed everyone comment and writing this story

Scene 1
Ishita and Raman are seen talking
Ishita: we have to start preparing
Raman: we should do on a great song
Ishita: like what
Raman: how about the new film Manma Emotion jaage or Premika
Ishita: I think Manma Emotion Jaage would be good
Raman: ok we will practice our steps
Raman and Ishita start dancing
Manma Emotion Jaage plays

Scene 2
Saransh is seen thinking
Saransh: I will stop Ishita and Raman from dancing
Saransh; I will put a banana peel infront of Raman then he will slip getting footache so he wont be able to dance lets got to Bhalla house
At Bhalla house in England
The family returns from India
Mrs. Bhalla: why are you both not practicing the competition is tomorrow
Ishita: mumyji we are partcing
Mr. Bhalla: Raman come I need to talk to you about business Romi come to
Romi goes to
Amma: ishu I bought gift for you but my bag is in the other house right know im going to fresh up and sleep im tired
Ishita: its okay Amma
Amma Mihika Vandu and bala go to iyer house

Scene 3
Saransh comes to Bhalla home
Saransh: Ishita are you here
Ishita: Saransh
Saransh: how are you Ishita im here to drink coffee
Ishita goes to make coffee
Ishita first brings him water
Saransh purposely drops water
Saransh in his mind
If no banana peel that what
Raman is seen walking toward Saransh
Raman slips
Ishita: Raman are you okay
Raman: my leg has ache

Scene 4
Doctor examines Raman
Doctor: Raman you need rest your foot has sprain you cant dance (suggested by kreeti)
Ishita feels bad that he cant dance
Raman: we cant take our name out of the contest
Ishita: what will we do
Raman: Saransh I want you to dance with Ishita please I don’t want her to loose
Saransh: ok I will
Ishita; Raman I feel bad
Saransh: for Raman you have to lets go practice
Raman: Ishita go
Ishita goes with Saransh
Saransh in his mind is happy
Saransh and Ishita are seen dancing
Manma Emotion Jaage plays
Saransh and Ishita practice good
Saransh: well continue tomorrow
Ishita: okay bye Saransh tomorrow is the party get ready

Scene 5
Ishita is seen thinking
Ishita: Raman I feel bad for not being able to dance with you
Raman: its okay Ishita win first prize for me please’
Ishita: fine
Raman: Ishita you will win calm down and be confident and ust imagine Sransh as Raman
Saransh on the other hand is happy
Saransh: I cant believe ill dance with you Ishita yes ill be dancing with her
Saransh: Ishita ill be with you for the rest of life after this performance
Saransh: I love you from the bottom of my heart I love you Ishita
Saransh: Mera haath mein Ishita ka haath ho I love her
Its morning
Ishita and Saransh are seen talking
Ishita: Ill be dancing with you
Saransh: its okay Ishita you have to do what Raman says
Ishita: yes I will win for only Raman
Saransh gets up and starts to walk
Saransh is looking at Ishita
Saransh bangs his hand on the wall by mistake
Saransh screams

Precap: Doctor: ill be putting a plaster you cant do anything with this hand for a week Saransh gets shocked

Spoiler: Ishita and Raman will perform making Saransh irritatated
Writer announcement
Thanks again kreeti for your suggestion Thanks to the peple that read my story and keep on suggesting thanks to people who suggest
I wish that your wishes come true this 2016
Happy belated new year thanks to everyone

Credit to: AHT


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