Ishita and Raman love story part 63 and 64 combined


Ishita and Raman love story part 63 and 64 combined
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Scene 1
Saransh is seen coming to Ishita
Saransh: where is raman shouldn’t you be practicing
Ishita: he had to go to office
Saransh in his mind
I will dance with Ishita today
Saransh: let me do the steps with you
Ishita: okay I need practice
Saransh and Ishita dance on tere haath mein mera haath ho
Raman sees this
Raman runs and changes the song
Raman pulls Ishita to him
Premika from the movie Dilwale plays
Raman and Ishita dance leaving Saransh angry

Scene 2
Raman is seen thinking
Raman: why did she dance with Saransh she knows shes mine I wont let him get to close
Ishita comes there
Ishita: what happened Raman
Raman goes near Ishita
Ishita: Raman
Ishita runs away smiling
Raman: she wont even know come close to me
Raman: but ill make her come close to me

Scene 3
Raman is seen thinking of an idea
Raman: ill ignore her until she come close to me again
The babies cry
Raman: even the babies will ignore her il make sure they quiet
Raman start to sing a lori
The babies cry more
Raman: calm sown little baby Koyal and Ranveer
Ishita comes and consoles them
Ishita: it was a good try Raman
Raman turns around and doesn’t respond
Ishita: why one earth did he just ignore me whatever
Raman leaves the room
Ishita: what happened to him
Ishita sings a lori
The babies sleep
Ishta: I cant believe it tomorrow you will be 5 months old
Ishita: I cant wait until you talk you run and ofically call me mama
Ishita: it will happen
Raman hears this
Raman: they’ll call me papa
Raman: im alittle worried that due to the babies call her Mama Ruhi and di don’t feel bad
Raman: I hate to do this to you Ishita but the kids will have to call you ishi ma
Raman: besides you don’t even like me

Scene 4
Ishita find Raman behavior weird
Ishita: why isn’t he coming close to me fine I will never talk to him he knows hes mine
Raman phone gets a text
Ishita sees it ‘
Its from Arshi
The dance was spleneded of your and mine
Ishita: Raman your just mine you cant be hers
Ishita and Raman gets jealous
Ishita keeps on talking to Saransh and Raman keeps on talking to Arshi
Saransh: Ishita leave raman
Ishita; your kidding why would I leave raman if he doesn’t love em well find out
Ishita decides to test Raman
Ishita: you will ask him questions about me if he answers everything wrong ill know he doesn’t love me
Saransh: for you only ill do it

Precap: Ishita and Raman to get close due to Raman passing the test

Spoiler: Ishita and Raman to get close after the test then new years competition with party
Writer: thanks everyone for supporting me I AHT thank you before the year ends

Credit to: AHT

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