Ishita and Raman love story part 61 and 62 combined


Ishita and Raman love story part 61 and 62 combined
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Scene 1
Raman gets an email
He reads it out loud
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Raman Bhalla
Soon we will have our contest again in your party hope you’re getting prepared
Mr. Bhalla organization department
Raman: Ishita
Ishita: wait im feeding milk to the babies
Raman: hurry up
Ishita: what happened?
Raman: I received an email about the contest we have to start practicing
Ishita: my Ruhi and Adi come home on 27 of December I miss them
Raman: we have to start practicing
Ishita: ok fine
Raman puts his hand out
They start practicing salsa on a song
Tere haath mein mera haath ho plays

Scene 2
A guy is seen talking
Guy: I will follow Ishita will be mine
Guy: Ishita you are mine I love you from the bottom of my heart
Guy sees Ishita going somewhere and starts following her
Guy: Ishita your mine
Ishita reaches home
Raman: where did you go?
Ishita: I went to buy the clothes
Raman: ok did you for our dance
Ishita shows him his jean and shirt an her saree
Raman: you can’t dance in saree
Ishita: but I will
Raman: you wont or else well loose please don’t ill go buy the cloth for you tumay meri qasam
Ishita: fine go and buy and just be careful

Scene 3
Ishita is seen dancing her steps
Ishita does her first step
A guy is seen walking
A guy nose and then ears then face is shown
Ishita gets shocked to see him
Ishita: Saransh (suggested by Neha)
Saransh: Ishita
Ishita: Its been a very long time
Saransh: I know I saw you whn you were 16 in college
Flashback goes
Ishita: Saransh
Saransh: my best friend how are you
Ishita: I have to leave
Ishit: bye
Saransh: no Ishita
FB ends
Saransh: its been along time
Ishita: I know
Saransh: ive waited to meet you to tell you I loved you
Ishita: Im already married
Saransh gets shocked
Ishita: and I love my husband
The babies cry
Ishita: mama is here stop crying mama is here
Saransh: you have 2 kids
Ishita: actually 4
Saransh shocked to know this
Saransh in his mind
No matter what Ishita you will be mine
Raman comes
Raman: ishia
Ishita: im here
Raman: yes whos he
Ishita: hes Saransh my friend in college
Saransh: hi
Ishita: Saransh this is my husband Raman
Raman: Heloo im Raman
Saransh: your lucky to have Ishita as your wife

Scene 5
Saransh is at his home
Saransh: your mine Ishita I will have you and then youre kids will be my kids to

Precap: Saransh thinks of a plan to make Ishita and Raman not dance together

Spoiler: Ishita and Raman to bond Saransh evil planning to separate Ishita and raman
Writer: Thank you for your support we have reached 60 parts first of all I would like to thank everyone the people that comment and the people who are silent readers thanks for your support If you have any comments or suggestions or anything to say please comment it

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Try to have some jealousy scenes to make it interesting. Good epi and keep it up aht.

  2. Hiii aht….it’s really nice…I think that you are a writer of ishra and gohem love story too…

    1. Even I think the same

  3. Its really good …

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