Ishita and Raman love story part 6

Ishita and Raman love story part 6
Scene 1
Raman: Ishita I’m sorry for doubting you
Ishita: it’s okay
Ishita: shagun will stay with us until the baby is borned
Everyone is shocked except Raman

Scene 2
Ishita goes to Shagun with water
Ishita: here you go so you don’t have to get up in night
Shagun: thank you
Ishita leaves from the bedroom
Ishita goes to her bedroom
Raman opens her arms and Ishita hugs him
Shagun sees this gets aliitle mood off
Raman kisses Ishita while shagun sees this
Shagun in her mind
It’s a good thing Ishita and Raman get close Im happy

Shagun is seen walking and slips
Raman catches her
Ishita sees this and starts thinking
Ishita goes into the kitchen
Ishita goes into a flashback Ishita in her flashback sees Raman holding shagun
Ishita in her mind
Could Raman and Shagun no no what am I thinking
Ishita: calm doent Ishita nothing can happen

Scene 4
Shagun sees Ishita in thoughts
Shagun: Ishita
Ishita: what
Shagun: I need coffee
Ishita: ok hold on while I make it
Shagun: thanks
Shagun in her mind
There is something shes thinking and hiding watever
Ishita gives Shagun coffee
Shagun: thanks
Raman brings ice-cream for Shagun
Ishita sees this and gets into thinking
Shagun: thanks raman
Shagun hugs Raman leaving Ishita shocked

Scene 5
Ishita goes to Shagun in goddess form
Ishita; stay away from my husband you here
Shagun: your husband he was mine hell always be mine I will take him away from you that’s my challenge Raman will be mine
Ishita: I will stand infront of Raman to make sure you don’t get close to him challenge accepted
Ishita and Shagun stare at each other
Ishita leaves
Shagun: watch what I do Ishita Raman adi ruhi will be mine and this new baby will never come to you
Shagun laughs
Ishita in her room
Ishita: I trusted Shagun and she betrayed me
Ishita: I wont let her get close to Raman
Shagun enters is seen going to raman
Ishita comes infront
Ishita; you need something shagun
Shagun: nothing
Ishita: Raman is busy
Shagun: well see
Ishita; go and have rest
Ishita ad\nd shagun stare
Ruhi enters
Shagun and Ishita both put their hands out for ruhi
Ruhi hugs Ishita
Ruhi: Ishi ma
Shagun looks on being angry
Ruhi: I missed you a lot ishi ma

Precap: Ishita warns Shagun to leave or else shell do something

Spoiler: Ishita and shagun to have a face off

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