Ishita and Raman love story part 59 and 60 combined


Ishita and Raman love story part 59 and 60 combined
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Scene 1
Raman is seen sleeping
Raman in his dreams
Ishita: Raman your reports came you can never walk again
Ishita cries
Raman: nooo
Raman wakes up
Ishita: what happened
Raman: I had a horrible dream that I couldn’t walk forever
Ishita: its just a dream calm down and sleep
Raman goes to sleep
Ishita: I have to make his fear go away maybe I can call sitara
Ishita goes into flashback
Sitara: Ishita I have to go to goa for my studies will come back
Ishita: ok bye
Sitara and Ishita hug
Ishita is seen thinking what to do
Ishita: idea

Scene 2
Raman is at his bed when a goon comes in from the window
Raman: who are you what are you doing here
Goon: don’t care about me I will come tonight and kidnap and kill Ishita hahahah
Raman: I wont let you get away
Goon: you cant even walk
Raman: Ishita
Goon: Ishita I feed her a fainting juice hahahah
Goon leaves
Raman: Ishita
Ishita: what happened?
Raman: I thought someone was here
Ishita: I was fainted
Raman worried
ISHITA: Is something the matter raman you look sick
Raman: no just feeling off of task
Ishita: ok

Scene 3
Ishita is sleeping while Raman is awake
Goon comes and puts a sleeping mask on Ishita she faints
Goon: say bye bye raman
Raman: stop
Mrs. Bhalla and the family hear the scream and wake up
Everyone gets wrried to see the room locked
Raman tries to get up
Raman moves his legs
Raman gets up
Raman smaks the goon
Ishita: Raman your fine
Ishita opens the door
The family gets happy to see Raman at his feet but get shocked to see Goon
The goon removes his mask
Its Romi
Ishita: thank you once again
Romi: no thanks needed babhi
Raman: no thank you
Romi and the family memebers leave
Ishita hugs Raman
Raman looks at her
Raman and Ishita have an liplock
Raman then caressed her belly botton and then her naval
Then Raman took off his shirt they have a intiamate scenes

Precap; Raman and Ishita get ready for new year party dance a guy is seen following Ishita Guy: you will be mine

Spoiler: Guy to follow Ishita and at the party Ishita gets shocked to see someone
Writer: thanks for all of your support I once agin thank you please keep on commenting thought suggestion or anything

Credit to: AHT

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