Ishita and Raman love story part 57 and 58 combined (special)


Ishita and Raman love story part 57 and 58 combined

Hi everyone since im getting a lot of comments I am posting 4 parts at one and thanks for catching the error it was Raman slaps Suhana not Ishita please keep on commenting Merry Christmas to whoever celebrates Christmas
Scene 1
Ishita and Raman reach home
Raman: Ishita you should have told me
Mrs. Bhalla: putar you did a brave act but you should have told us
Amma: ishu next time just tell instead of doing
The family members leave for their rooms
Ishita and Raman are seen talking
Ishita: the babies are sleeping
Raman: Ishita I must say you’re really brave but remember next time tell me I love you a lot
Ishita: I love you to
Ishita starts to flirt with Raman
Ishita touches his body
Raman: o so you’re flirting with me
Ishita: its my right im your wife
Raman holds her
Ishita: let me go
Mr. Bhalla: Raman come downstairs
Ishita laughs
Raman: whenever were romancing something comes ill be back
Raman: coming
Raman: AAAA
Raman slips
Ishita comes and gets shocked
Raman roles down the stairs
Ishita: Raman
Mr. Bhalla: Raman
Mrs. Bhalla: putar
Ishita runs downstairs
Ishita; Raman wake up are you okay
Raman: Ishita if I don’t make it take care of yur self

Scene 2
Raman is seen at his room
Doctor comes
Doctor: let us examine him
Doctor: pleae go out
Doctor: Ms . Ishita
Ishita: yes
Doctor: it’s a good thing he didn’t hit his head hes fine but today rest
Ishita: we have Christmas party the 25
Doctor: that’s 2 days away
Ishita: will he recover by then
Doctor: yes he will but you need to take care of him make sure he doesn’t get up

Scene 3
Ishita is seen taking care of Raman
Raman: I feel bad for being dependent on you
Ishita: no im doing it for love you don’t need to be dependent when I had an accident you took care of me so know I will take care of you
Days are going by
Ishita takes care of Raman
The night before chrishtmas
Raman gets up and walks
Raman: Ishita I can walk now
Ishita gets happy and hugs him
Ruhi and Adi come
Ruhi : papa ishi ma
Adi: hi
Ishita gets happy seing them
Adi goes to hug Raman
Ruhi hugs Ishita dil se dil ka rishta plyas
Adi hugs Ishita dn Raman hugs ruhi

Scene 4
Its morning
Ishita Raman and the family start preparing for the party
Mrs. Bhalla: neelu put this there
Ishita: calm down mumyji
Mrs. Bhalla: ok I am gonna go take rest
Ishita: ill take care of this decoration
Mrs. Bhalla goes
Raman in his room ] Raman puts the decoration and puts the missile toe
Ishita gets ready
Raman: go I am getting a surprise for you
Ishita goes
Ishita: what can he be planning

Scene 4
The Christmas party
Raman and Ishita come down
The guests come
DJ plays the music
Tera Haath mein mera haath ho
Someone drags Ishita and Raman in
They dance
The song changes to Teri meri prem kahani ha mushkil plays
They dance
They stare at each other
Raman and Ishita keep on dancing
DJ: we are conducting a new year competition of dance here in this house who ever wins will be crowned 2015 best Jodi
A COUple mr and mrs Maheshwari sign their names
Mrs. Maheshwari; we will win nobody can beat us
Raman: sign me and Ishita up we will beat them in dance
Ishita; Raman you haven’t recovered no
The party ends
Mrs. Bhalla: go to sleep we are all very tired Ruhi Adi lets go beta
Raman: ready for your surprise
Ishita: what is it
Raman puts the blindfold over Ishita
He takes her to the room
He tells her open the blindfold
Ishita opens the blindfold and its dark
Ishita: Raman why is it dark
The lights turn on
Raman; surprise
Ishita gets surprised to see decoration
Raman: how is it
Ishita sees the lights and stars
Raman gives her a gift
Ishita opens it
Ishita: it’s a dress
Ishita: I love it thanks
Ishita tries to hug Raman
Raman moves back
Ishita: what happened
Raman moves back
Ishita comes close
Raman stops
Ishita: what
Raman: ops missile toe that means
Ishita smiles
Raman points to his lips
Ishita blushes
Ishita kisses him
Raman then caressed her belly button and took off his shirt they both have a hot night kissing and getting romantic( suggested by someone)

Scene 5
Raman wakes up and sees Ishita taking care of Babies
Raman: Ishita
Ishita: coming
Raman tries to get up
Raman: I cant get up
Ishita: what but yo were fine yesterday
Ishita: only mumyji is home
Ishita: mumyji
Mrs. Bhalla: what happened
Ishita: Raman cant get up
Mrs. Bhalla get shocked
Doctor comes
Doctor: Raman you sure you cant get up
Raman: I cant even feel my legs
Doctor: I was afraid of this your legs nerve got damaged now you cant walk for
Raman shocked
Ishita: how long will it take for him to walk
Doctor: one week or more
Ishita; what can we do
Doctor: you have to take care and make sure he doesn’t walk and here you go crutches if he has to use the bathroom he will use the crutches
Ishita cries seeing crutches
Doctor: you have to stay strong
Ishita: thanks doctor

Scene 6
Ishita is seen taking care of Raman
Ishita: I am leaving the jug of water and glass near so if you need anything else just call me
Raman: Ishita thanks im hungry
Ishita: no need for thanks ill go get the food
Ishita brings the food and feeds Raman
Raman: what would I do wthout you I would die
Ishita: no I would die without you
Ruhi and Adi sit near Raman
The babies cries
Ishita: Adi and Ruhi sit here and take care of your father ill be back
Ruhi: ok ishi ma
Adi: ok ishi ma
Ishita goes to the babies
Ishita feeds the babies
Babies stop crying
Ishita starts playing with the babies and smile

Precap: Raman gets a nightmare that he cant walk and gets worried Ishita consoles him

Spoiler: Raman to struggle Ishita to help him Raman to get emotional Raman will be fine before new years party because of Ishita
Writer: please keep on commenting and whoever celebrates Christmas merry Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful time Merry Christmas thanks for your support

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Nice
    But one suggestion..
    U could try something different rather than making Raman or ishitha falling unwell…
    Its just my opinion..
    Hope u don’t mind..
    I am really sorry if it hurts u…

  2. This part is soo nice i luv it:-O

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