Ishita and Raman love story part 56

Ishita and Raman love story part 56
Hi everyone thanks for your support keep on commenting I am posting one episode since I am busy

Scene 1
Ishita and Raman are seen preparing for the party
Raman: o my god I forgot to buy missile toe
Ishita: I am also getting ready for the party
Ishita has the clip in her hand
Ishita: I had to delete it off my phone and put it on this disk
Ishita is walking
Neelu just wept the place
Ishita slips and the disk falls and breaks
Ishita: no my work now how will I expose Suhana
Raman comes and sees Ishita fallen
Ishita: Raman
Raman: Ishita
Raman picks Ishita up
Ishita: what is in that bag
Raman: nothing just some surprise for you

Scene 2
Ishita and Sitara talk
Sitara: what will happen we lost our proof
Sitara: I know right
Ishita receives a call from Suhana ( suggested by Karitika) I changed it alittle
Ishita: what do you want
Suhana: I want you to come to this place tonight or else Ill kill your babies
Ishita: ok ill come just don’t do anything
Sitara: ill come to
Suhana hears this
Suhana: if you bring someone I will in Christmas when your not paying attention I will kill you

Scene 3 ( kritika suggestion will continue in another scene it ends here for now)
Ishita is seen tensed
Raman: there is something I will find out
Ishita: did you say something
Raman: no what the matter
Ishita: nothing I have to go somewhere ill be back soon
Raman: now
Ishita: yes ill be back
Ishita leaves
Raman calls the family
Raman: I think ishita is hiding smething I will go after her and find our
Amma: well come to
Mihika: yes well come
Everyone nods
Mrs.Bhalla: ill go to Neelu and Mihika tak care of the little babies
Mihika: ok
Mr. Bhalla: lets go
Vndu: yes lets

Scene 4 (suggested by kritika)
The family reaches near a isolated and they hide
Suhana comes there
Raman and the family gets shocked
Iishita: why did you call me here
Suhana; well I wil kill you today
Ishita: but why
Suhana: Raman was always suppose to be mine
Ishita: no he wasn’t
Suhana; well your little accident I caused it to kill you I tred to give poison to your kids
Raman is shocked and records everything
Ishita: you will not succeed
Suhana is about to stab Ishita
Raman comes and holds the knife
Raman: put the knife down
Ishita: never
Raman throws the knife away
Ishita calls the police
The police arrests Suhana( kritika suggestion ends thanks kritika)
Raman slaps Ishita

Pprecap: Raman rolls down the stairs Ishita gets shocked

Spoiler: Christmas party scene will be posted on the 25 of December then comes new years party
2016 to come good bye 2015
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Credit to: AHT


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