Ishita and Raman love story part 54 and 55 combined


Ishita and Raman love story part 54 and 55 combined
Hi everyone I didn’t receive a lot of comments on the last one the error was it wasn’t 51 it was 53 Thanks Neha for commenting How should Suhana be exposed any idea please comment and I will think about it and your name will be mentioned

Scene 1
Suhana is seen angry heading with a knife toward the mansion
Watchman: who goes there
Suhana; me Suhana tp kill Ishita
Watchman: put the knife down or else I will call Rraman
Ishita hears the watchman
Ishita sees outside
Suhana; your gonna stop me
Suhana stabs Watchman
Ishita gets shocked
Suhana: your next Ishita
Ishita in yelling voice
Suhana: Ishita time will tell I challenge you before new year I will create differences between you and Raman if I do youll get separated
Ishita: challenge I will expose you by the 27 December
Suhana leaves
Ishita is shcked with her behavior

Scene 2
Raman is shocked to find THE WATCHMAN BODY
Raman goes the last rituals of the watchman
Ishita: Raman im sorry I cant tell you its Suhana without proof or else you wont believe me
Raman comes there
Ishita is taking care of the kids
RamanL Ishita meri jaan
Ishita; coming one second what happened
Raman: I haven’t seen you in a while and I miss our romance
Ishita: Raman ap bi na
Raman: first it was memory loss then blindness I despice those time you remember that timewhen you lost your memory I said I will come close when you allow
Ishita Smiles
Raman: know I will
Raman and Ishita kissed
Raman then removed and blouse and then caressed her belly button then naval they had a fun night (this was suggested by someone)
Ishita wakes and hears kids crying
She feeds them milk
Adi and Ruhi come to Ishita
Ruhi: ishi ma we wanna go back to camp tp study our exams is in 2 weeks well come bck after the exam
Adi: yes ishi ma
Raman: Ishita allow them if that’s what they want
Ishita: ok but call me everyday
Ruhi and Adi hugs Ishita
Ishita: I feel bad sending them
Raman: let them study and become a better person
Ishita; your right

Scene 3
Ishita tells sitara about what Suhana did
Sitara: I was afraid of this ehn Suhana doesn’t get wht she wants she goes mad
Ishita: she said shell kill me next
Sitar: she clackmails but doesn’t do anything she probably is regretting killing the watch man
Ishita: you sure
Sitara: im really sure ive lived with her
Ishita: but I challeneged her to expose gher by the 27
Sitara: once you told me you had a camera in her house
Ishita: clever
Ishita looks at her phone
Sitara: is it new
Ishita: Raman got me it iphone 6s plus rose gold
Sitara: it’s a beautiful phone
Ishita looks in to the camera recording
Suhana is seen conspiring to kill Ishita and her babies and getting Raman
Ishita: its good we have proof
Ishita: and m phone recorded it
Ishita: on December 25 christmas party I will have only family members you sitara and Suhana will come
I will play it on big screen

Precap: Raman and Ishita get prepared for Christmas oarty Raman goes to get missle toe and Ishita is seen ready for the video

Spoiler: Suhana drama will end soon
If you have another way Suhana should get exposed please comment if I like it then your name will be mentioned and please comment

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Super episode but u can include family membrs also then it wil be more intresting

  2. nice….
    suhana in an isolated place said the truth only in front of ishita, she narrated everyhting… raman n all family members are hiding n seeing evrything.. when suhana is about to stab ishita raman holds her hand n gets her arrested

    1. That is just a suggestion dear

  3. U r going gud continue

  4. Very nice….

  5. hey one suggestion in YHM and in your ff everything happen to ishita only I mean accidents etc etc.. then raman taking care of ishita.We want to see ishita taking care of Raman in that way . I think you got my point . Please try to add that in your ff plz plz plz…

  6. How am I not surprised that Raman is buying a mistletoe! ?

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