Ishita and Raman love story part 51


Ishita and Raman love story part 53 51
Hi everyone the people that they think I copied the blind track fom yrkkh it was suggested to me by someone im sorry I didn’t know so now soon this blindness track I will end and soon new years party then Suhana explosion and then Saransh entry how do you think Suhana should be exposed it’s a short one part since im busy and I will post long soon

Scene 1
Ishita is seen trying to get up
Ishita gets up and falls
Raman: Ishita
Ishita: I wanna do my work
Raman : you cant your not gonna see what yur doing
Ishita: why does it happen to me I wanna see my kids
Raman: you will soon
Ishita: where are Ruhi and Adi
Raman: they took 2 daysoff and came now they went back to camp since they are studying for exams
Ishita: ok how are my babies doing
Raman: don’t worry theyre okay
Ishita: okay
Ishita tries to go down the stairs
Ishita is about to fall when Raman catches her
Ishita: thanks Raman

Scene 2
Ishita is seen walking with a stick
Ishita wants go to the kitchen
Ishita is about to bump into a wall
Raman: Ishita BECAREFUL YOU WERE GONNA bump into a wall
Ishita: okay I think I should be in my room
Raman: I dint mean that
Ishita: im becoming dependent on the family I don’t like that
2 weeks later
Ishita is seen at a hospital
Ishita: I starting to see colors
Doctor: good
Ishita: I see everything blurry
Doctor: Raman come in
Raman: what
Ishita: I see everything blurry
Raman: doctor what happened
Doctor: good news her vision has returned it will take time for the blueness to go away
Raman: okay doctor thanks
Ishita: lets go Raman

Scene 3
Ishita and Raman reach home
Ruhi and Adi runto Ishita
Ishita hugs Ruhi and Adi
Ruhi: ishi ma
Adi: ishi ma
Ishita: I can see but still blurry
Amma gets happy and hugs Ishita

Precap: an angey Suhana kills Raman and Ishita watchman and Ishita sees this and gests shocked

Spoiler: a new twist to come Suhana to become evil much evil
Writer: sorry its short will post a long one soon
Promo for tomorrow
A long 2 parter
Ishita sees suhan at the door killing the watchman
Suhana; your next Ishita
Ishita shocked
Will Ishita eb able to stop Suhana or will Ishita get killed

How do you guys think Suhana should be exposed whoever I like his or her name will be mention in the story

Credit to: AHT

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