Ishita and Raman love story Part 5


Ishita and Raman love story part 5
Scene 1
Ishita is seen thinking of a plan
Ishita in her mind
What to do what to do idea now I will harm SIMI and Sarika One of them will spill the truth
Ruhi comes to Ishita room
Ruhi: Ishi ma
Ishita: what happened beta
Ruhi: I’m scared that you’ll leave me
Ishita: I promise I won’t leave you
Ishita in her mind
I am so sorry beta I have to do this
Tear falls out of Ishita eye
Ishita: I love you beta

Everyone is siting and relaxing
Ishita comes out walking like Shagun
Everyone sees this
Ishita takes a hair pin and throws it At SIMI
Simi starts to blead in her hand
Ishita laughs while everyone gets shocked
Ishita takes a knife and walks toward them
All the family member stand in front of Simi to protect her but Ishita goes to Sarika and puts the knife around Sarika neck
Ishita: any last words Sarika before you die
Sarika: leave me Ishita Bhabhi
Ishita: shut up
Sarika: youll die like how rimi died
Ishita and the family members get shocked
Sarika: what happened Shagun kill me
Ishita: I will kill you right know
Ishita turns into a goddess form
Ishita: I will kill you right know
Prateek stops Ishita and controls het
Ishita faints

Scene 3
Ishita goes to Sarika
Ishita: tell me the truth
Sarika: no
ISHITA: I won’t tell anyone
Sarika: fine I killed Rimi that isn’t my son hes who I got out of the adoption center Rimi found out so I killed her
Ishita shocked
Sarika: This bhalla house did nothing for me so I decided to do this I paired up with ashok
Ishita: that’s what I wanted to hear
Ishita: come out everyone
Everyone comes out Sarika shocked
Mrs. Bhalla slaps Sarika
Romi: Sarika ehy did you
Ishita: everything got recoded
Sarika: shagun how could you
Ishita: Shagun Im Ishita Raman Bhalla
Everyone is wondering
Ishita: I want you to meet someone
A lady enters wearing a burqa
Ishita: this lady is Shagun Arora
Everyone shocked
The last removes her burqa shagun is shown
Ishita hugs Shagun
Raman: Ishita why did you do this
Ishita tells him everything
Everyone gets shocked
Shagun: everything happened in your plan
Raman calls the police
Police arrests Sarika and takes the baby back to the adoption center

Precap: Ishita says until the baby inside shagun isn’t borned she will stay here
Spoiler: Great news Leap canceled for now and the twist is youll have to wait and watch

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Who is rimi?

    1. Maybe the author meant to say Rinki

  2. Nice part…but please don’t separate ishra…

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