Ishita and Raman love story part 49 and 50 combined


Ishita and Raman love story part 49, 50 combined
Hi everyone I would like to thank you for supporting me we have accomplished 50 parts thank you everyone the name I think will be Saransh suggested by neha for the new person thanks

Scene 1
Raman is seen sleeping
Raman dreams something
Ishita is seen losing heartbeat and doesn’t respond anymore
Doctor: we are very sorry to inform you that Ishita has passed away
Raman shocked
Amma: Ishu
Amma falls and cries
All the family members cry
Ruhi: ishi ma
Adi: ishi ma
Adi and Ruhi break down
Time cant be stopped they say we say the time going forward 5 years
Koyal; papa
Raman: im in here
Koyal: papa its my school time
Raman: did Ranveer wake up
Ranveer: papa im ready to
Raman: ok
Koyal goes in front of Ishita picture with Ranveer
Koyal: mama why did you leave us
Ranveer: why mama
Koyal and Ranveer go to school
Raman recalls Ruhi and Adi
Flash back
Raman: Ruhi Adi
Ruhi: don’t touch us
Adi: yes don’t even dare
Shagun: theyre mine now
Ruhi and Adi leave with shagun
Raman cries
Raman wakes up tensed

Scene 2
Raman goes to the hospital
Raman: Ishita if you leave me I won’t live
Ishita heartbeat starts going away
Raman: Ishita no please don’t leave me
Doctor; go out Raman we have to see
Raman goes out and cries
Raman: Ishita you can’t leave me
Doctor: she’s recovering we can only tell what’s wrong with her when she wakes up
Raman: ok doctor thank you
Nurse comes out
Nurse: shes awoken
Raman goes in
Raman: Ishita
Ishita; Raman why cant I see you
Raman: what
Ishita: I cant remember anything what happened
Raman: what
Ishita: who are you
Raman: Ishita
Iishita: Amma
Amma: Ishu
Ishita: Amma look a person is flirting with me
Amma: that’s Raman
Ishita: whos Raman
Ishita: last thing I was walking and got an accident
Ishita: sitara its been such a long time since ive seen you
Sitara: do you remember getting married
Ishita; what happened who is this person tell him to get out
Amma: we called him for your proposal
Ishita: I don’t wanna marry I don’t like him
Amma: he has 4 kids theyre 2 are babies and 2 are around 8 or 10 years old please marry
Ishita; why should I amma
Amma: ishu listen to me you have to marry him

Scene 3
Ishita is seen thinking
Amma; so wll you marry raman
Ishita: if you say ill marry him but tell him to stay away from me
Amma: meet your new saas Mrs. Bhalla
Mrs. Bhalla smiles
Adi and Ruhi come there
Ruhi hugs Ishita she feels a connection \
Ishita; Ruhi
Ruhi: ishi ma
Ishita: this is a mothers child who I have to become and Adi to
Ishita: how do I know your names
Ishita and Raman wedding happens
Ishita: only for kids
Raman: ok
They get married
Ishita picks up the babies
Ishita: Koyal and Ranveer why do I feel I have a connection with you
Raman; may be you do
Ishita; you better stay away from me
Raman: your my wife now I have a full right on you
Ishita: what
Raman: your my wife I have full right on you
Ishita: don’t come close to me
Raman: untik you don’t allow I wont I promise that

Scene 4
Suhana hears Ishita fine and they got married again and Ishita has lost her memory
Suhana: why does that Ishita always have the luck
Sitara: Suhana you have done wrong thing I wont leave you I know that you made Ishita get run over a car and then you tried to get raman but you failed badly
Suhana: I will still get Raman
Sitara: even If Ishita doesn’t remember anything I will make sure she doesn’t
Sitara oes to Ishita
Ishita: Sitara do come in
Sitara purposely drops the pic folder that Ishita has
Ishita sees her and Raman pictures and Isita pregnant
Ishita: what is this photo edit oo that raman I knew he was trouble
A stick falls on Ishita Head
Ishita: what happened
Raman: Ishita
Ishita: yes raman
Raman: im going to office
Ishita: okay
Raman: do you remember anything
Ishita: what did I forget
Raman: everyo=thing
Ishita: o raman I rember anything that happened
Raman gets happy
The lights go off and then back on
Ishita: turn on the lights already
Raman; they are on
Ishita: I cant see anything
Raman: what
Raman takes Ishita to the doctor
Doctor: I was afraid of this due to heavy injury first she lost her memory then it came back she got hit in the head twice so that ean her optic nerve has closed temporary she has temporary blindness
Raman: what
Doctor: yes she probably wont see for a week or two or even 2 months
Raman: what can I do
Doctor; you ahev to give her strength
Ishita: doctor you mean I cant take care of even my kids
Ishita gets up
Ishita is about to fall
Raman catches her
Raman: Ishita you don’t need to get up like that I will rescue you don’t worry your eyes will be back
Ishita: what if they aren’t
Raman: they will
Doctor; ok you can go now
The family members get shocked knowing Ishita got blind
Suhana in her mind
Now I can kill Ishita baby and the blame will come on Ishita

Scene 5
Raman is seen guiding Ishita
Raman: walk straight there you go is the bed lie down and sleep
Ishita: I cant see anything that’s already a sleep for me
Raman: calm
Ishita: marry someone else get rid of me take your life on a good start ust forget me Raman
Raman: not in a trillion years I can never forget you Ishita
Ishita: IM SOO lucky your my husband
Raman: and im luck that your my wife.

Precap: Ishita struggles to work Raman helps her and romance coming
Spoiler: for a few parts Ishita wont have clear vision
Writers message
Thanks for supporting me

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Wat all happened just in 1 update?? Ishita woke up…lost her memory..gained her blind..great going…

  2. Hii congrats dear on your 50 th episode….and this new twist is nice….keep it up…

  3. Lol..really man temporary blindness frm yrkkh

    1. Twinkle i didnt copyt thois from yrkkh i got this idea from my brother if you dont like it ill change it soon but it will have twists

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