Ishita and Raman love story part 47 and 48 combined


Ishita and Raman love story part 47 and 48 combined
Hi everyone the name has been decided its Sameer or saransh I will decide and let you guys know so far I like Sameer

Scene 1
Raman is seen worrying about Ishita
Ishita starts to loose heartbeat
Doctor; I don’t think we can save her
Raman gets shocked
Raman falls down
Raman imagines Ishita coming to him
Ishita: Raman
Raman: Ishita you’re okay
Raman hugs her
Ishita: come with me
Ishita takes him to her body
Ishita: I think it’s my time to go you have to be strong take care of Adi and Ruhi and the babies
Raman: no you can’t leave
Ishita: bye raman
Ishita leaves
Ruhi: papa where is ishima
Adi: yes what happened papa
Raman doesn’t respond
Ruhi: papa
Mrs. Bhalla: Raman
Raman still doesn’t say a words and faints
Adi: papa
Doctor checks Raman
Doctor: due to tension hes gone into depression he wont talk until he sees his wife fine
Mrs.Bhalla cries
Mrs. Bhalla: what will I do Ishita is dying there and Raman in depression how will I deal with this
Suhana comes there and gets shocked to know Raman in depression
Suhana leaves

Scene 2
Suhana is seen talking to herself
Suhana: when that Ishita dies Ill take you out of depresson and then ruhi adi you the babies and me will be family Raman
Back at the hospital
Mrs. Bhalla: Adi and Ruhi go home and eat and freshen up im here
Ruhi: ok tell us any news
Adi and Ruhi levae with Neelu
Raman is seen outside Ishita ward
Raman in his mind
You cant leave me if you leave me what will happen to me Raman loves Ishita so much
Ishita heartbeat starts to go
Raman shocked
Doctor comes
Doctor: it looks like she wont survive it looks like shell leave this world
Raman shocked
Doctor: we will try our best since falling of the cliff and getting hit by a car is dangerous
Mrs. Bhalla: ok doctor please try your best
Amma: Ishu ishu
Amma; mata rani isu cant leave me
Mrs. Bhalla: I have full confidence on god it wont let Ishita go
Mrs. Bhalla: Ishita has to wake up for her family her babies ruhi adi and the family
Mrs. Bhalla goes to Ishita ward
Mrs.Bhalla: Ishita putar wake up Ruhi and Adi are shocked they keep calling and asking wake up
Ishita opens her eyes and then closes them
Mrs. Bhalla: Ishita wake up

Scene 3
Sitara is seen calling Ishita from goa
Sitara hear the message
Please leave your message
Sitara; shes probably busy im going back tomorrow then ill meet her
Suhana on the other hand
Suhana: im soo happy Ishita is leaving no more Ishita
Suhana: get ready for me Raman you will be mine always
Ishita on the other hand
Ishita is seen ot improving
Nurse: Doctor shes not showing improvement
Doctor: if she doesn’t shell die and leave this world her family will break apart
Nurse: well we can try our best
Ishita eyes opens
Doctor: you okay
Ishita: Raman
Raman hears Ishita and goes to her
Raman: Ishita
Ishita: you have to staty strong I don’t know if ill live
Raman: you will live
Ishita eye closes
Doctor: we have to check her please go outside
Mrs. Bhalla: what happened beta
Raman: Ishita woke up and told me to stay strong and closed her eyes
Ruhi and Adi come to him
Ruhi: papa how is ishima
Adi: yes how is she
Raman: shell be okay
Ruhi: I wont let her go
Adi: we wanna see her
Doctor comes out
Doctor: sorry we cant let the kids se her in tis condition
Raman: ok Ruhi and Adi go home
Mihika takes them
They reach home
Baboes are crying
Nellu: quiet
Ruhi hold sthem and says ishima will be back soon stop
Adi consoles the other one
They stop crying

Scene 4
Ishita health start going worse
Raman: Ishita you cant leave
Ishita is seen heatbeat going down much more
Raman sees Ishita again
Ishita: Raman ill be always in your heart but remember that evn if I don’t live you have to rpromise me you ownt break down and take care of my kids
Raman; but
Ishita: promise me
Raman: I promise
Ishita: well time will tell know if I live but I don’t think Ill live you have to remember to take care of my 4 kids
Ishita goes
Raman: I wont break down you wont leave me that wont happen

Precap: Raman gets a nightmare of Ishita death and a 5 year leap that is his dream too

Spoiler: Ishita heartbeat starts to go down doctors to give up
Promo for tomorrow part
Ishita is seen losing heartbeat and dies
Raman sees himself after 5 years
Raman wakes up shocked
Ishita is seen actually losing heartbeat
Will this be the end of Ishita life? Will raman nightmare become true? Don’t forget to read the parts I post tomorrow Monday

Credit to: AHT

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  2. Hi people me and family r a big fan of yeh hai mohabbatein even my kids love this drama. I love reading the ff I never miss ot pls don’t let anything happen to ishu

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    So if u keep saransh it would be new

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