Ishita and Raman love story part 45 and 46 combined


Ishita and Raman love story part 45 and 46
Hi everyone the last part I posted was 43 and 44 due to a mistake it was posted as 42 and 43 this is 45 and 46 im receiving comments so far I decided on Sameer karthack and saransh im posting a new list at the end vote but there are changes to the names

Scene 1
Ishita is seen spying on Suhana
Ishita: what ever she does I will stop her
Ishita sees sitara tinking
Suhana: I will make Ishita have an accident
Ishita computer cant hear anything due to a problem so she doesn’t hear it
Ishita: no I only heard Ishita something accident on a street by a car
Ishita: is she planning to harm raman
Ishita: I will go this Suhana first
Ishita reaches there
Ishita; suhanaaaaa
Suhana: Ishita
Ishita; I know what your up to but you wont succeed in anything you
Suhana: time will tell
Ishita: ok
Suhana: save you babiea and relation if you can
Ishita slaps Suhana hard she falls
Ishita: stay away from my family
Ishita leaves leaving Suhana angry
Suhana: today I will make you have an accident

Scene 2
Ishita is seen walking she is going t cross the street
Suhana tells the person to go
Ishita is walking
The car comes towards
Ishita sees it
The car hits Ishita she flies and falls near a cliff then her body starts rolling she falls in the river
Suhana gets happy
The people gather there
Raman also comes there
Raman: what happened here
Person: a women got hit by a car she flew and landed here and thenrolled down cliff in the river
Raman: oooo
Raman: call the ambulance
Person: we have
Raman: ok
The police come there with savers who will pull out the body from the water
The saves get to work
They pull out a body
Raman sees Ishita bangles in the clif and gets shocked
Raman in his mind
Shita cant be here
They bring the body up
Raman: ishitaaaa
Person: we will take her your wife to the hospital
Raman starts to cry
Suhana tries to console Raman
Raman leaves from there
Raman: doctor will she survive \
Doctor: it’s a 50 50 percent chance
All the family members come and hear this get shocked
Amma: ishu
Mrs. Bhalla: Raman Raman
Raman break down and falls
Mrs.Bhalla: stay strong and pray to god
Nurse comes running
Nurse doctor the patient is loosing heartbeat
Doctor: what
Nurse: she lloks like shes about to die
Doctor goes in
Raman starts crying
Raman: how will the babies mange
Mrs. Bhalla: mihika is with them don’t worry
Raman: I hope Ishita GETs fine
Doctor comes out
Doctor: now shes in a critca state we have to do surgery or else shell die
Raman: go ahead
Doctor: prepare for the operation
Raman: will she be okay
Doctor: now time will tell
Suhana hears this and gets happy
Sitara is seen in Goa gii=ving her exam to move abroad and study

Scene 4
Raman is seen crying in Ishita ward
Raman: Ishita wake up you cant leave ME
Ishita opens her eye
Raman: Ishita
Her eye closes again

Precap: Ishita heartbeat starts stoping Doctor: we can save her
Raman shoked and imagines Ishita coming and saying good bye take care of my babies

Spoiler: Ishita health to get many problems Raman to have an imagination and go to depression and Ishita to ……………………(not revealing)
Ishita: Raman take care of my kids im leaving this world
Raman: no
Raman comes out of imagination
Ishita breath starts to go out
Will this be Ishita end? Will Raman be able to take care of his kids? Will Ishita be okay?
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Saransh by Neha
Samar by Arshi
Kartick suggested by Harmi
Rohit by Ruhanika
Sameer by Zoya
Rohan by Ransha
This is the guidline You can voe for two names but you can still suggest names

Thanks for comenting everyone

Credit to: AHT

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