Ishita and Raman love story part 42 and 43 combined


Ishita and Raman love story part 43 and 44 combined
Hi everyone I am liking the names I get this is getting hard to decide at the end of the story I will put out some names and you people tell me which one you liked

Scene 1
Ishita goes to Sitara house
Ishita: Sitara
Sitara: Ishita
Ishita: I want you to let me handle Suhana I will teach her a lesson shell never forget you just relax
Sitara shocked too know that Ishita knows
Sitara: you know
Isita: I had a nightmare then went to Suhana heard her talking
Ishita: now I will expose her
Sitara: ill help you
Ishita: no sitar you focus on your work and studies you need them so now I will do my job to protect them

Scene 2
Suhana is seen planning at her home
Ishita comes there
Ishita: hi Suhana
Suhana shocked to see Ishita
Suhana: hi Ishita
Ishita: I didn’t disturn you did I \
Suhana; no not at all come in
Ishita sits down
Suhana: would you like something I can make coffee
Ishita: ok
Suhana goes to make coffee
Ishita: I am just hear to find out you plan
Ishita sees suhan dairy and picks it up
She turns to today page and takes a picture
Suhana comes and sees Ishita is seen sitting
Suhana in her mind
Theyre is a matter or else why would she come her maybe I am thinking too much
Suhana: here you go coffee
Ishita phone rings its from Raman
Ishita: excuse me
Suhana: its Raman go ahead
Ishita: heloo
Raman: my madrassan how are you
Ishita: fine
Raman: I just called to say ill come early to have dinner made by you
Ishita purposely turns on the speaker
Suhana hears it
Raman: I love the food prepared by you
Raman: I have to go bye hotie I love you
Ishita: I love you too
Raman makes a kissing sound
Suhana gets jealous \
Ishita: I have to go my babies are wating fr me
Suhana: what happened to Ruhi and Adi
Ishita: Theyre in camp sponsored by school to prepare for exams
Suhana: ok
Ishita leaves
Suhan: spend all the romance you want with raman I will soon separate you both

Scene 3
Ishita makes the babies sleep and looks at her phone
Ishita pens the images
Ishita reads the dairy page
Suhana dairy says
I will have Raman I love him
The plan I have is to give poison to Koyal and Ranveer
I will go to Ishita house
Then I will tell Ishita to get coffee and then I will feed them poison and they will die
Ishita: I wont let you succeed
Suhana comes
Suhan: hi Ishita
IshitaL: hi Suhana
Suhana; im here to meet raman
Ishita: hell come soon
Suhana; why don’t we drink coffee
Ishita: Neelu
Neelu: yes Bhabhi
Ishita: coffee for 2
Nellu: yes
Suhana in her mind
Dammit I cant do my plan I have to do something or else I cant give them poison
Suhana: Ishita
Ishita: yes
Suhana: I have to go bye
Ishita: bye
Suhana leaves
Suhana: like she knew I was gonna give her babies poison now I will have to think of something e;se
Ishita send a message to Suhana from an unknown number
You will be exposed soon
Ishita recalls putting camera in her dairy small one and in her house
Ishita: even if you’re a volcano I will protect my family from you
Ishita sees Raman coming
Ishita goes to him
This part ends wuth Raman and Ishita hugging

Precap: Ishita sees Suhana in the camera and sees her saying I will make Ishita have an accident

Spoiler: a big twist coming very windy it will eb for Ishita and Raman

Promo for tomorrow part
Ishita and Suhana come in front of each other
Ishita: I wont let you succeed
Suhana: you wish I will ruin your relationship save your babies and raman
Ishita slaps Suhana
Will Ishita be able to stop Suhana or will Suhana succeed don’t forget to read tomorrow episode

Names so far (only counted these ones and choose which one I liked)

Vijay suggested by Mayoori
Sameer suggested by Zoya
Saransh by Neha
Akshay and Rohan suggested by Ransha
Prem by Era
Rohit suggested by Ruhanika
Viren suggested by Harika
Kartick suggested by Harini
A [person can pick two names YOU CAN SUGGEST A NEW NAME

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Im a silent reader.. bt ur words made me comment 2day..
    Saransh by neha is a good name..

  2. Saransh by neha is good
    And u can go for aarav
    And ur ff is good
    Well done

  3. ishita ka accident ho jaye to story zyada mazay ki ho jaye gi name is rameez or moiz

  4. Hi m silent reader but i like sameer suggested by zoya and one more frm my side is Samar

  5. Sameer and karthik can b one

  6. And yea pinky suggested samar dis is also a unique name

  7. Give some twists and turns in the story any ways going gud

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