Ishita and Raman love story part 41 and 42 combined


Ishita and Raman love story part 41 and 42 combined

Hi everyone soo far the names I like is vijay suggested by mayoori and Sameer suggested by Zoya so far not decided need unique name the one I chose will be revealed on the 5 of January

Scene 1
Ishita is seen walking toward Suhana room in goddess form
Ishita: suhanaaaaaaa
Suhana: Ishita
Ishita is seen holding a trishul
Ishita: I know you’re the person trying to harm my family but now from on you will not be able to I will kill you
Suhana: im sorry please don’t kill me
Ishita picks up the trishul and stabs her
Suhana faints and dies
Ishita: hahaha
Suhana: nooooooo
Suhana wakes up
Suhana: few that was a dream
Suhana: before Ishita can kill me ill make her life horrible
Sitara: on my watch you wont be able to
Suhana: how do you get into here
Sitara: this is Ishita house you were sleeping here in guest room
Suhana: but still you cant do anything
Ishita is seen walking towards the door
Ishita hears them
Suhana: now I really get why I broke my relation with you or else I would have been stuck with a litte sister for my life
Sitara: oo please im much happier
Ishita shocked to know theyre sisters
Ishita walks in shocking Suhana and Sitara
Ishita: why didn’t you guys tell me you both were sisters
Suhana: bye I have to go
Sitara; me to bye

Scene 2
Ishita and Raman are seen talking
Ishita: why would they hide that
Raman: I don’t know
Ishita Is seen sad
Raman thinks
Raman plays music
Raman puts out his hand to Ishita
Ishita holds it
Raman and Ishita dance on Suraj hua madham pyaar kilnay laga
Ishita smiles
Raman: always smile now I know even if I die you can take care of my family
Ishita puts her hand o Raman mouth
Ishita: never say that again
Raman: calm down Ishita
Raman and Ishita get into bed and sleep Ishita keeps looking at her babies

Scene 3
Raman wakes up
Raman in his mind
I will organize a Christmas party where a missile toe in my room will mean Ishita kiss me 25 december
I will also organize a new years party where Ishita will give me a gift 1 january
Raman goes back to sleep
Its morning
Ishita feeds milk to her babies
Ishita: Raman wake up
Raman: let me sleep na Ishita
Ishita: baby wake up
Raman shocked to hear that
Raman: what did yo just call me
Ishita: baby
Raman: hotie
Ishita: your dream I have fulfilled
Raman: say it again
Ishita: baby baby baby
Raman: thanks Ishita I aways wanted to hear that
Ishita: that was only one time ift now I wont
Raman: its fine atleast you did

Scene 4
Ishita is seen thinking about her dream
Suhana giving poison to kids and arguing with sitara
Ishita: this cant be good the family members including Mrs.Bhalla went shopping or ill ask them
Ishita: I have a doubt but I will find out if Suhana has any hand in this planning
Ishita: Neelu
Nellu: gi Bhabhi
Ishita: ill be back take care and call me if you need something
Mihika comes
Ishita: neelu go to work ill ask mihika
Neelu: ji
Ishita: mihika take care of them ill be right back
Mihika: ok
Ishita leaves
Ishita reaches Suhana home
Ishita hears Suhana
Suhana: what too how to separate Ishita and Raman and give poison to her kids
Ishita: I knew it was her that’s why Sitara ws fighting with her
Ishita: I will protect my famiy from you bigg time now

Precap: Ishita: sitara
Sitara: yes
Ishita: you wont do anything ill protect my family from Suhana
Sitara shocked to know that Ishita knows about this

Spoiler: Ishita to tell Sitara to let her handle Suhana soon Ishita will expose Suhana without Sitara help then sitara will leave wishing Ishita good luck in her life and thanks
Future spoler: after Christmas and new year a new villan to enter
Give me a much unique name right now it hasn’t been decided but it will be soon your name will be mentioned

Ishita comes to Suhana
Ishita; stay away from my family
Suhana: you wish I challenge you Ishita to protect your babies and your relation
Ishita slaps Suhana
Ishita: watch now what I do
Will Ishita be able to save her family? Will Suhana succeed?
Don’t forget to read the parts on 21 December where it will happen differently
Tell me if you like to see something happen you can leave suggestion or leave a name and comment and reD EVERYDay

Credit to: AHT

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  3. Since he ws tlkng abt ishitha maybe he should have a Tamil name so I suggest KARTHICK l

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