Ishita and Raman love story Part 4

Scene 1
Amma is shocked hearing Ishita talk with shagun
Amma”: Ishu
Ishita get shocked
Ishita: Amma
Amma: what were you doing why you did acting im ashamed of you Ishu
Ishita: Amma listen were trying to protect Raman from someone in the family
Amma is shocked
Amma: Ishu I will support you go ahead vijay bau
Amma leaves
Ishita sighs in relief

Scene 2 Night in BEDROOM
Raman: Ishita my madrassan
Ishita: what Raman
Raman: look out the window
Ishita sees it raining
Ishita: what about it
Raman starts flirting with her
Song plays
Mera Hath mein tera hath ho sare mazfila hamara saath hon

Scene 3 In morning
Ishita walks like shagun goes to sarika
Ishita: Sarika why did you meet ashok hes mine
Sarika: what rubbish Ishita Bhabhi
Ishita: Ishita Im shagun
Sarika in her mind
I cant tell her anything oo god shagun ghost back this is not good she might find my truth I will have to get ridd of shagun like I got rid off rimi
Ishita: what happened my doll
Sarika leaves
Ishita in her mind
She is hiding something I have to find out

Scene 4 Ishita ghost threatening
Ishita: everyone come out or else ill kill one of you
Everyone come out
Mrs bhalla: Ishita what happened
Ishita: Ishita im shagun
Raman: Shagun what do you want
Ishita: youll know
Ishita starts to threaten the family
Ishita: if you don’t do what I say I will kill this Ishita
A tanrik enters
Ishita scares him away
Ishita: now I will kill this Amma Why amma why don’t I get rid of ths Ishita
Ishita cuts her nerve and faints
Raman is shocked

Scene 5
Ishita wakes up
Raman: Ishita
Ishita; now you have to listen to me I want you to kiss me Shagun will feel it not Ishita
Ishita laughs
Raman shocked calls Prateek
Raman; her ghost isn’t going away
Prateek to himself Ishita is doing good acting
Prateek goes to Ishita
Prateek starts to hypnotize Ishita and she faints
Prateek: she should be fine but the spirit in her is to powerful you have to get ridd of it

Scene 6
Some throws a knife at Raman
Raman doughs it
Acp doubts Ishita
Ishita is shocked
Ishita: I cant believe you all are blaming me im leaving this house bye
Ishita: why should I leave I will take my revenge then leave

Precap: Ishita starts to harm Sarika AND SIMI AND sarika says something that shocks everyone including Ishita

spoiler: Ghost track will end in the next two parts and then there will be a twist and then 8 months leap

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  1. Y leap?? We hate leaps…nothing else to say now..good story continue..

  2. If it’s a 8 months leap..then I have no problem…good going…keep it up..

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