Ishita and Raman love story part 39 and 40 combined


Ishita and Raman love story part 39 and 40 combined
Hi everyone so far the name I like is vijay suggested by mayoori im not sure yet it cant be abishek since there is police officer abishek and ashok is already in jail I will return him when time comes so I am so far still looking for good names

Scene 1
Ishita and Raman are seen taking
Ishita: its been a hectic day holi and everything
Raman: I know my head hurts
Ishita: did you have bhang or something
Raman: I couldn’t have bhang since it wasn’t allowed
Ishita: you do have a point then what made you go romance
Raman: I am actually wondering to what could have happened
Ishita: ok
Raman: whatever it was it was different then my plan but we gwt get cozy
Babies cries
Ishita goes to pick up the babis she picks them up and talks to them
Raman: Ishita
Ishita: yes
Raman: when were alone call me baby and ill call you hoty
Ishita blushes
Raman smiles

Raman in his mind
I was just joking lets see if she takes it seriously
Ishita in her mind
I can call him that im too shy to

Scene 2
Suhana and Sitara come to the house
Suhana: you here
Sitara: yes
Suhana: you will see what I do I challenge you to stop me
Sitara; challenge accepted
Ishita: what challenge
Sitara: o nothing much
Suhana: yeah nothing much
Ishita: come in
Suhana: no I have important work
Suhana: me too
Suhana: we dropped in to say hi
Suhana and Sitara leave Ishita is wondering
Suhana: how dare you stop me last time
Sitara: oo please who on earth do you think you are
Suhana: im older than you
Sitara: we broke that relation along time ago you might be my siter by blood but you can never make room for you in my heart again my big sister you did a lot of evil things and even tried to scare my boyfriend so from that im gonna protect Ishita and Raman from you you hear me didi oo sorry Suhana
Suhana: time will tell
Suhana leaves
Sitara cries
Sitara: I did a lot of things to change you but you never changed I want my big sister back the one to guide who I can call didi or behna
Sitara leaves from there
Suhana in the way
Suhana: sitara my beloved sister I never wanted to break my relation with you but you never listened to me now watch what I do
Scene 3
Ishita is seen giving milk to babies
Ishita; what could they both be hiding theyre might be something
Ishita; I will find out what happened
Raman enters
Raman: hoty
Ishita: hi B Raman
Raman o come on I said to call me baby
Raman starts teasing Ishita
Ishita; your sleeping on the couch tonight
Raman: hotie I mean Ishita
Ishita goes and makes the babies sleep
Raman comes from the back
Raman: Ishita my doll
Ishita: what
Raman: im soo sorry you can call me Raman and I wont call you hotie
Ishita: ok

Scene 3
Ishita and Raman are sleeping Raman wakes up
Raman kisses Ishita forehead
Raman: my madrassan looks so beautifl sleeping she looks like a doll
Ishita moves
Raman preteds to sleep
Ishita: why did I hear Raman voice
Ishita sees him sleeping
Suhana on thee other hand is seen sleeping
Her phone rings
Suhana: heloo
Young man: Suhana you better not do anything to Ishita
Suhana: who is this
Young man: youll know pretty son after your exposed
Suhana: hw dare you threathen me
Phone disconnects
Suhana: well Ill see in the morning
Suhanareceives a message
Stay away from Ishita and do whatever you want with Raman
Suhana: ill find out who you are quickly

Precap: Ishita hears Suhana and Sitara arguing and gets shoced to know theyre sisters

Spoiler; sister revealation will come infront of Ishita and shock her and soon sitara will expose Suhana with the help of someone calling
Writer: need a unique name for the young man
Please coment and your name will be mention
Tell me if you liked this parts and theyre will be a new year or Christmas party do you want those to happen or no

A person enters his eyes nose then face is shown
Wind blows
Person: celebrate this new year then next year 2016 Im gonna ruin you
Please read the part on 4 of January to know who this is

Credit to: AHT

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