Ishita and Raman love story part 37 and 38 combined


Ishita and Raman love story part 37 and 38 combined
Hi everyone hope your enjoying reading story if you have any suggestions or any thing you would like to say please put it in the comment section and ill think about it
Scene 1
Its night time
Ishita and Raman and their babies are sleeping
Ishita is seen moving
Ishita in her dream
Ishita dream
Suhana is seen giving poison to the kids
Ishita comes and sees the babies crying picks them up
Ishita feels their heartbeat going
Ishita: Raman
Raman: what happened Ishita?
Ishita: they’re not moving or blinking or breathing
Raman: what let’s take them to the hospital
They reach the hospital
Doctor: we will try to save them
Ishita is crying
RamanL calm down Ishita nothing wil happen
Doctor; im sorry to say your babies have passed away
Ishita falls and cries so loud
Ishita: my babies
Ishita wakes up
Ishita; Raman my babies
Raman: what happened Ishita
Ishita ; I had a horrible dream my babies left me
Raman: calm down Ishita its justs a dream

Scene 2
Suhana is seen waking up
Suhana: another day another play today her babies good bye
Sitara on the other hand
Sitara: Ishita helped me I will also help her
Suhana reaches Raman home
Ishita; o hi Suhana
Suhana: hi Ishita is Raman home
Ishita: no he’s in office
Suhana; ok can you get me coffee
Ishita: sure
Suhana sees Ishita leaving
Suhana: well Ishita will kill one of them today hahahhah
Suhana goes to feed raj poison
Someone holds her hand
Suhana tensed
Suhana sees sitara
Sitara: I warned you
Suhana: oo well youll see ill kill him today
Sitara slaps Suhana
Sitara; don’t mess with my friend you hear me don’t mess with her or else ill kill yiou for destroying her life
Suhana leaves angrily
Ishita and sitara drink the coffee
Scene 3 ( lizii idea for holi)
Suhana see a poster
Heloo indian in London were looking for a new sponsor to hold a holi festival if you wana be one call thisnumber
Suhana calls
Person: india and England indian society yes
Suhana: I wanna sponsor this holi event I want this to be held at this address
Person: get permission from secretary of society for tomorrow
Suhana goes to the secretary
Secretary: I will give you permission no bhang allowed
Suhana: yes sir thanks
Suhana walks out
Suhana: ill bring bhang raman will drink it and ill take him to a room where hahahhahahahah
Sitara hears this
Sitara: ill make your plan opposite (lizii idea end)

Scene 4
Ishita and Raman go downstairs for holi
People are playing with holi
Suhana is seen sneaking in bhang
Suhana mixes it in tandai
Sitara takes Suhana glass and mixes it with sleeping pill
Sitara: you wont get too close to Raman I bet you you wont
Suhana gives raman tandai
Suhana drinks her tandai too
Suhana head gets dizy
Suhana faints
Sitara tells some men they pick her up and take her to the hospital
Raman gets aliitle drunk
Raman: Ishita
Raman dances on Rang de bansanti
Raman takes isita with him
Raman goes nto a room with Ishita
Raman closes the door
Sitara looks It from the outside
Ishita tries to ope the door
Ishita: it wont open
Raman: that’s great my doll
Raman gets close to Ishita Ishita mobes back
Raman and Ishita keep on moving back until Ishita cant go further due to the wall
Raman looks at Ishita lips
Raman kisses her on the lips for a few seconds
Raman then picks Ishita up and then drops her on the bed
Raman gets intimate and puts the blanket over them

Scene 5
Sitara open the door
Ishita wakes up Raman
Raman: wow Ishita what happened we had a wonderful time
Ishita: my babies
Ishita runs and sees the babies crying
Ishita feeds them milk
Sitara goes to the hospital
Suhana wakes up
Sitara: Suhana
Suhana: what am I doing in the hospital
Sitara: you took sleeping pills actually I mixed them in your tandhai
Suhana: youll pay for this ms Sitara
Sitara: time will tell

Precap: Suhana challenges Sitara Ishita hears this Ishita: what challenge

Spoiler: big twist coming after Ssuhana a new villan to enter a boy
The boy entery wil be after Suhana
Suggest a name and your name will be mentioned in the story so don’t miss out ill be looking forward to names and what should his mission be

Credit to: AHT

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  6. Hey aht i wanna give some suggestions to u on romantic sequences instead of describing they got intimated in a single line u can narrate the moment in more sensuous way like they have a eyelock then after that he slowely carresed her and kissrd on her neck then shoulder got on his knees and coressed her belly and kissed on belly button and she also sensuously carressed him and have romantic dance or sth like that .

  7. Some name suggestions:
    Ayaan, Samir and Tanmay

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