Ishita and Raman love story part 35 and 36 combined


Ishita and Raman love story part 35 and 35 combined
Hi if you haven’t read the last part 32 and 33 which I posted yesterday you wont understand this one please read those two then read this and whoever has suggestions for the holi part comment them and your name will be mentioned
Scene 1
Ishita and Raman are seen talking
Ishita: its been a busy day
Raman: I know
Ishita: how is your office work going
Raman: great I had to train a new staff
Ishita: ok
Raman: she said her name is sitara ( thanks to Harika this name is suggested)
Ishita gets shocked
Ishita; Sitara I knew a sitara since I was little she was my best friend
Raman: really
Ishita: ill come with you tomorrow while mumyji will take care of the baby
Raman: ok
Raman and Ishita sleep
Its morning
Raman wakes up
Ishita is giving milk to the babies
Ishita: Raman you awake
Raman: yes it looks like my babies are having fun seeing their ma taking good care
Ishita: they are my life all 4 of them including Ruhi and Adi
Raman: where did they go
Ishita: they have a trip for 4 days they’ll be back
Raman: fine let me go to office
Ishita: mumyji
Mrs.Bhalla: yes
Ishita: im going to raman office wil be back soon take care of Ranveer and koyal until then
Mrs. Bhalla: that’s not something to say I will

Scene 2
Suhana wakes up since her alrm rings
Suhana has raman voice
The alarm says Suhana
Suhana; Like this alarm youll be waking me up soon Raman
Suhana: im going on my plan today watch what I do
Ishita and Raman reach office
Raman calls Sitara in
A nose ear and eyes are shown the girl is walking toward Raman cabin
Ishita: sitara
Sitara: Ishita
Ishita hugs Sitara
Sitara: you here you work here
Ishita: no this is my husband Raman bhalla
Sitara: oo so its my jija
Raman: just call me Raman
Ishita: come to my house ill show you things around
Raman: Sitara you can go well manage Ishita take care
Ishita and Sitara leave
Sitara: you got a caring husband
Ishita: I know
Ishita and Sitara reach home
Ishita opens the door
The babies are crying so loud
Mrs. Bhalla: calm down
Sitara: are those her babies
Ishita runs
Sitara: Ishita \
Ishita picks up Ranveer
Ishita: calm down my baby mamma is here
Ishita tells the same thing to koyal
She feeds them milk they stop crying
Mrs. Bhalla: they get happy seeing you I miht be there grandmother but you are theyre mother
Mrs. Bhalla: you both sit and talk I have to go shooping
Mrs. Bhalla leaves
Ishita: have a seat sitara
Sitara: what are they twins
Ishita: yes
Ishita: this is my son Ranveer and this is my daughter Koyal
Sitara: aww so cute they are
Sitara: you remember those days when you said youll never get married look at you now such a change
Ishita: I know right
Flash back
Ishita and Sitara are talking
Sitara: who do you think youll marry when you grow up I mean how you think hell look
Ishita: I don’t wanna get married I will never
Sitara: if you do how does he have to be
Ishita: alittle classy not angry always and romantic
Flahback ends

Ishita: and it come true
Sitara phone rings

Sitara: I have to go bye
Ishita: ok bye

Scene 3
Suhana is seen coming
Suhana: hi Ishita
Ishita: Suhana come in
Suhana: your very lucky to get raman as your husband you’re his second wife
Ishita: his first wife is in jail he divorced her
Suhana in her mind
Ill be his third wife youll regret it Ishita Raman will be mine \
Ishita: let me go get you coffee
Ishita goes to get coffee
Suhana: while shes gone let me try to feed poison to her babies
Suhana is about to put poison in the babies mouth
Sitara: Suhana
Suhana: Sitara
Sitara: what on earth do you think your doing
Suhana: why are you here
Sitara: Ishita and I are really best friends
Suhana: well Raman and I are good friends
Sitara: we might have gone to same college but I know your evil from the inside I wont even let you touch Ishita
Suhana: well Ill see how you stop me

Scene 4
Iishita returns
Ishita: sitara
Sitara: oo yeah I left my phone
Ishita: well this is
Sitara: Suhana we used to go to same college
Ishita: oo really I didn’t know that
Suhana: we did she used to be the top in her class
Sitara in her mind
I wont let even Dust touch Ishita raman or her babies this Suhana cant do a thing to my friend who saved my life when I tried to commint suicide
While Suhana in her mind
My name is Suhana and I create differences this sitara cant do anything she doesn’t know me yet im much eveil than she thinks I am hahahahhahahaahah
Ishita in her mind
Why do I feel like Suhana and Sitara aren’t getting along ill find out

Precap: Ishita dreams that Suhana is giving poison to her babies and they die and Ishita cries Ishita wakes up and screams Ranveer koyal Raman shocked to hear isita scream and wakes up
Spoiler: Ishita to get a nightmare then scream Raman to console her there will be a big twist Ishita and Sitara will get on a mission exposing Suhana two against one after
Writer news
Twist and turns to come please keep reading and tel me how it is

Credit to: AHT

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