Ishita and Raman love story part 33 and 34 combined


Ishita and Raman love story part 33 and 34 combined
Hi everyone I will use one name and it will be revealed when the girl enters please comment your feed back
Ishita and Raman are seen talking
Ishita: Raman it’s a good thing they got caught
Raman: I know our babies are safe
Ishita: Im relieved
Raman sees Ishita smiling
Raman; finally I see you smiling you look REALLY BEAUTIFUL
Ishita: Raman ap bi na
Raman hold her pulls her close and tries to become intimate
Ishita: babies will start crying
Raman: atleast I can dance with you
Raman turns on music
Tere meri merit ere preem kahani plays
Raman and Ishita hug

Scene 2
A girl is seen walking
Her ears and nose are shown
Girl: I will destroy you Ishita
Girl: my name is Suhana and I feel in love with Raman along time ago it’s a good thing vaishali informed me about where he is (the name Suhana credit of name goes to Vaishali)
Suhana: now wait what I do Ishita Raman and I were friends now I will destroy you and your babies and separation
Suhana: im coming Raman I love you get ready for a rollercoaster and change in your life you will be mine
Flashback is shown
Raman: I have to move
Suhana: no but you will return
Raman: no bye Suhana thanks for being a good friend
Raman leaves
Suhana: I love you Raman and you will be mine I will find you
Flashback ends

Scene 3
Suhana reaches the house
Raman is seen coming out
Suhana: Raman
Raman: Suhana
Suhana hugs him
Raman: Suhana come inside
Raman: Ishita
Ishita: yes
Raman: this was my childhoos friend friend Suhana and Suhana this is my wife Ishita
Ishita: hi
Suhana: hi
Raman: and those are my child Ranveer and Koyal
Suhana: such cuties see you around bye
Raman: stay and have coffee
Suhana: no I have work bye
Ishita: bye
Raman: bye
Suhana reaches her home
Suhana: I will separate you from Raman Ishita I will make sure ou become mine and those babies will die hahahahhahaha
Suhana: Raman Ishita let me think of a plan and watch what will happen between you both you both will be separated

Scene 4
Raman and Ishita are seen talking
Raman: I cant believe I meet Suhana
The babies start crying
Ishita: calm down
Ishita sings a beautiful lori (bedtime singing for singing)
The babies fall asleep
Raman: you sing beautiful
Ishita: I don’t sing that beautiful
RamanL tomorrow is holi
Ishita: I know
Raman: I have thngs planned for you and me
Ishita blushes
Raman in his mind
Wait and see what I do you and me will have a beautiful time
Ishita: what are you thinking
Raman: nothing

Scene 5
Suhana is seen thinking
Suhana: what to do what can I do what to do to separate this couple I will call them Ishra until I separate them
Suhana goes to into her imagination
Raman: get out of my house with your babies and leave my ruhi and adi
Ruhi: we love suh ma we hate you Ishita aunty
Adi: your right ruhi we don’t eve consoder them brother or sister
Raman: oo Suhana we will get married
Raman and Suhana get married
Suhana and Raman hug
Suhana comes out of her imagination
Suhana: I have a plan I will Raman feel Ishita is ignoring him for babies then Raman will feel insecure then an argument divorce getting kicked out oof the house hahahahhahaha

Scene 6
Ishita and Raman are enjoying their time while eating icecream
Raman: I got your favorite flavor
Ishita: I feel so happy you remember my flavor

Precap: Ishita and Raman are seen talking Ishita gets shocked to hear a name

Spoiler: Sitara to enter as Ishita friend she will protect her from Suhanas plan

Suggest a scene for Holi in engaland and your name will mentioned many new people to comestill

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Very nice..New villain…wow…

  2. For how in England. Like the Indian community has organized the holidays in the central fair ground and suhani helps them to get permission for it and they are told not bring bhang even then someone brings it something like that

  3. thanks sis for the update and for uploading my name……

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