Ishita and Raman love story part 32


Ishita and Raman love story part 32

Hi everyone posting another part please tell me if you like it and I will put romance but it will be limited
Scene 1
Ishita is seen walking
Sarika: Ishita Bhabhi
Ishita: Sarika
Sarika: listen
Ishita: shut up Sarika
Sarika: Bhabhi please listen
Ishita: what is it
Sarika tells her everyting
Ishita: I don’t believe it im leaving
Ishita and Sarika have a talk
Ishita reaches home and recalls Sarika word
Shagun wants to marry raman and Subbu wants you you better be careful they are trying to kidnap your kids
Ishita goes to Raman
Raman: I don’t believe it
Ishita: neither do I
Scene 2
Subbu shagun are talking when Sarika enters
Sarika: Ishita I heard her saying shell leave the window open for air this time you and Subbu should go
Subbu: that’s a great idea and great news we will do that
Shagun: yes so we will sneak at their house at 12:00pm
Its 12 pm
Ishita: my kids are so peaceful sleeping while theyre sleeping let me go get something
Ishta leaves
Subbu and Shagun come

They pick up the twins
Iishita and Raman come in
Raman: put them down
Ishita: Subbu I cant belive you would do this to
Subbu: I can do anything for that ill throw them both down the window
Ishita and Raman are in tears
They try to come near Subbu warns them
Subbu throws koyal down than Ranveer
Ishita and Raman start crying
The whole family comes in and are shocked
Mrs.Bhalla: tries to console Raman and Ishita
Neelu brings in The babies
Ishita and Raman start laughing
Subbu: hows that possible
Mrs.Bhalla: yes it is possible we already knew you tricls
Ishita: let me tell them mumyji
FB Starts
Sarika; Bhabhi there trying to kill your child
Ishita who shagun
Sarika: Subbu as well
Ishita: what
Sarika: and there is a informer
Ishita: who is it

Sarika: I wont tell you until you give me my romi
Ishita calls police
Ppolice arrests Sarika
Fladhback ends
Ishita: then me raman and the family decded to tell everyone and thought of a plan
Police enters
Police: you both are arrested
Ishita: before you go point out the informer
Shagun: enver
Ishita: fine police will kill you
Shagun points at Mihika
Mihika: what I didn’t do anything
rAMAN: how cold you mihika
Mihika: it want me
Ishita: Raman n it cant be my sister
Ishita; say the truth
Shagun: its my brother mihir
Raman: so mihir it is you
Police: arrest him to

Precap: A girl is seen walking ears shown and then nose Girl: Rraman and Ishita I wil destroy your lives and those poor babies will die hahahahah

Spoiler: a new villain to come to come and start a big mission and Holi coming in the next part

What should be the name of the villan please comment and what should her mission be please comment looking forward to unique names the special onw ill be selected and whoevers name will be selected theyre name will appear in a part so please comment

Credit to: AHT

We recommend
  1. u can call give her a nam like kaira

  2. it can be shagun sister

  3. AHT when will you keep next part I like this

  4. MAY BE THE NAME IS aadhrika or suhanna

  5. Maybe Pari. Because it’s completely opposite meaning of her mission and maybe she could be Subbu it or Shagun & Mihir’s cousin or relative and she wants revenge for throwing them in jail.


    Her name could be Nikita and she could be a daughter of one of Raman’s old business rivals and we dad commited suicide because of Raman and there could be a huge misunderstanding and she will come to avenge her dads death.

    You can mix and match the stories and names together and make one that you like. These are some suggestions, you can edit them to the way you want to.

  6. Mahila

  7. Niharika try this name

  8. I think she is cousin of subbu or you can create that a girl is loving raman and she wants to separate them

  9. Sitara

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