Ishita and Raman love story part 30 and 31 combined


Ishita and Raman love story part 30 and 31 combined
Hi everyone there is one person in the whole comments saying bad things and no romance and no love what’s a point of a love story with no romance who agrees? Now im conducting a poll should there be romance or no please comment

Scene 1
Shagun Subbu and Sarika are seen talking
Subbu: Ishita has given birth to a girl and boy
Shagun: now I think its time to take this plan into action
Sarika: yes Shagun you will try to kidnap that Koyal
Sarika: and I will try to kidnap Ranveer
Shagun: we knowhow
Someone rings Ishita door bell
Ishita in England mansion
Ishita: Raman bought this mansion so we al can live in a big house in London
Bell rings
Ishita: is that Raman
Ishita opens the door
Raman: hi Ishita
Ishita: hi whats the matter
Raman: nothing where are my babies Ruhi and adi ranveer and koyal
Ishita: Adi and Ruhi are in school and the two babies theyre sleeping
While Raman and Ishita are talking
Shagun andn Sarika sneak through the window
Shagun: come lets pick them up
Sarika: yes
Before they can Babies start crying
Ishita ab=nd Raman go
Shagun and Sarika get tensed to hear footsteps
Shagun: what to do
Shagun and aSarika leave through the wndow
Raman and Ishita sees two people
They run to the babies and hold them
Ishirta: close the window now ill never leave my babies

Scene 2
Ishita is seen crying
RAMAN: what happened
Mrs. Bhalla and the family come
Ishita: what if someone tries to kidna them again
Mrs.Bhalla: on our watch no one will
Amma: Ishu I live rught next to your house no one will
Ishita: im still worried about them
Raman: calm down Ishita nothing will happen
Raman picks up the babies and puts one in Ishita lap
Iishita: my daughter calm down
Raman puts dow Ranveer down
Ishita starts playing with them
Who family smiles
Adi and Ruhi come back from school
Adi: Hi everyone
Ruhi: hi
Ruhi: lets freshen up and eat something
Ruhi and Adi come after eating and start playing with the babies

Scene 3
Shagun and Sarika are seen talking
Shagun; we failed now Ishita and Raman will become much powerful
Sarika: what can we do we cant do anything we mustn’t do anything else or else Raman and Ishita will know its us
Subbu hears this and gets shocked ‘
Subbu: this plan is cancelled
Subbu: now we will think of a another plan
Subbu: we cant do the same plan again
Shagun I agree but what can we do
Subbu: well see
Ishita and Raman|
Ishita: holi is coming soon
Raman: I know
Iishita: I just told you that’s why
Raman: because your mine that day
Ishita: I will stay by the babies
RAMAN: ma will take care of them since she doesn’t want to play holi
Ishita: ok
Raman: you will be mine for that day until night we will talk and Romanace

Scene 5
Sarika bumps into Romi
Romi: you
Sarika: Romi
Sarika hugs him
Romi: get away from me don’t come to close
Sarika: I love you to much
Romi: while I despise you for that time you betrayed me
Sarika: it was all Ishita Bhabhi plan theyre was nothing I did it was all her plan to get rid of me
Romi: shut up I hate you now
Romi leaves
Sarika talks in her mind
Romi I wish I didn’t join hands with Ashok or betray you I wish I was good than I could be then everyone would have liked me and someone else would have gotten kicked out
Sarika: Romi I miss you soon I will pass their all plans to Ishita Bhabhi so she can protect her family I will backstab Shagun Subbu and Mihir and I will tell its mihir whos betraying tehm now

Scene 6
Ishita is seen feeding milk from a bottle to kids
Raman: they asleep yet
Ishita: no theyre being naughty just like you
Raman: well they are my son and daughter they will be naughty

Precap: Sarika meets Ishita Sarika: Ishita Bhabhi Ishita: don’t talk to me

Spoiler: Sarika will pass the plan to Ishita and will tell her the person betraying them soon Holi scenes will come as soon as decided

Writer comment
Thanks you for love and support we have reached 30 parts new character more twists coing soon
Poll do you want Ishra hot scenes
Yes or no

Credit to: AHT

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  1. I think romance is OK but your story show always kisses so sometime it become boring to read

  2. There should be romance but not took much

  3. No sometimes it exceeds

  4. Wow Ishra having twins so cute

  5. Yes Ofcourse

  6. yes I agree romance should be there
    I love romance between ishra

  7. Yes we need romance but limited…

  8. Yes there should be some romance

  9. U show lots and lots of kisses
    But that’s not the romance between such a beautiful couple like ishra
    Romance should be in cute and sweet manner and limited…
    Its just my thought…

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