Ishita and Raman love story Part 3


Ishita and Raman love story part 3
Raman is seen awake after recalling Ishita harming family members
Ishita sees Raman nervous and worried
Ishita to her self
Raman I’m so sorry I have no other plan I have to do this to save you from someone in the family I hope youll forgive me.
Its morning
Raman: Ishita wake up
Ishita: what happened?
Raman tells her everything
Ishita pretends to cry Raman consoles her
Raman mistakenly drops shagun picture
The wind blows
Ishita: Raman
Raman; yes
Ishita: how dare you drop my photo I won’t leave your family easily
Raman is shocked
Ishita dresses like Shagun
Ruhi and Adi enters
Ruhi: Ishi ma
Ishita: Ruhi and adi what a pleasant surprise do come in
Adi: Ishi ma papa seemed worried
Ishita: who Ishita I am Shagun
Adi and Ruhi shocked to know Ishita possessed by Shagun
Adi: Shagun mama
Ruhi: Shagun mama
Ishita: yes my babies I won’t leave you alone
Ruhi: Shagun mama leave Ishi ma body
Ishita scolds Ruhi
Adi and Ruhi leave
Ishita goes to meet Shagun

Ishita: I don’t feel like doing this anymore it really hard I had to yell at Ruhi and Adi
Shagun: Ishita stay calm you have to follow the plan
Ishita: ok I will
Shagun: we already have a doubt on Sarika and SIMI
Ishita: what
Shagun: abishek will tell you
Abishek: Prateek and I saw Sarika talking to Ashok but couldn’t hear anything
Prateek: I saw SIMI with ashok \
Ishita: how can they do this
Shagun: we have to go to phase 2 this is the last phase
Ishita nods
Ishita arrives home
Ishita: Raman
Raman: Ishita
Ishita goes and hugs Raman and they have an eye look
Raman makes Ishita lie down and kisses her
Raman puts the blanket on top of them they become intimate
Raman and Ishita wake up
Ishita smiles recalling last night
Raman is happy that shagun didn’t come in Ishita last night
Ishita wears a saree

Ishita and Raman go to have breakfast
Ishita starts walking like Shagun
Ishika: Sarika and SIMI why do you communicate with my boyfriend Ashok Khanna
Sarika and SIMI shocked
Sarika: your mad Ishita Bhabhi your mad
Raman slaps Sarika
Sarika and SIMI are shocked to know what Ishita knows
Ishita starts to throw thing at them
Ishita takes a plate and is about to hit SIMIS head
Prateek comes and controls Ishita
Ishita faints Raman holds her
Ramna: thanks
Amma goes to meet Ishita
Amma hears Ishita talking to Shagun
Ishita: Shagun how long are we gonna do this
Shagun: as long as we find out who did it

Precap: Amma questions Ishita and learns the truth Raman and Ishita become romantic in the night when it rains and Ishita in the morning talks to Sarika in Shaguns style

Spoiler; The ghost track will end soon in this story and there will be a revelation and the they’re will be a lot of twists and maybe 8 months leap

Credit to: AHT

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