Ishita and Raman love story part 28 and 29 combined


Ishita and Raman love story part 28 and 29 combined
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Scene 1
Shagun is entering Raman room
Shagun: hey baby
Raman: you here
Shagun: I know you still want me
Raman: no I don’t
Shagun: oo come on baby give me a kiss
Raman: get lost I love Ishita
Shagun: Ishita Ishita Ishita I despise this Ishita that I hear from you
Raman: well no one cares
Shagun: watch and what I do
Raman: if Mihir wants you can go stay with him bt stay away from us \
Raman calls Mihir
Mihir: Raman you called Shagun
Shagun hugs Mihir
Mihir; how are you sister you will stay with me
Raman: she better stay away from me and Ishita

Scene 2
Ishita is doing her work when Raman comes in\
Raman: Madrassan
Ishita: call me Ishita
Raman: why don’t you like me or that name
Ishita: I love you form my heart and whatever you call me makes me feel so good I love you a lot nobody can never separate us
Raman: I love you more than you love me
Ishita blushes
Raman: where is the soft kiss
Raman points to his lips
Ishita: Raman im pregnant I cant kiss you
Raman: but the book and docor said soft kiss on lips are fine
Ishita kisses Raman
Ishita: Raman ap bi na
Teri haath mein mera haath ho saare janate mera saath ho plays
Raman: beautiful Ishita cant wait after you give birth theyre will be holi in England then I wont leave you
Ishita: well there is a few weeks left my stomach is so fat
Raman: no matter what I still love you

Scene 3
3 weeks are gone by
Raman is taking care of Ishita while Shagun Subbu Mihir and Sarika are planning a big game
Raman: tomorrow is your due date
Ishita: just a couple of hours until our hilds come
Ruhi comes with Adi
Ruhi: Ishi ma I cant believe by tomorrow my two yonger brother or sister will be here
Adi: were really happy
Ishita hugs Ruhi and Adi dil se dil ka plays
At night Ishita feels pain
Ishita: aaaaaaaa Raman
Raman: what happened
Iishita: I think its time aaaaaaaaa
Raman picks Ishita up
Ishita; a a a a a a a a a a a a a h h h h h h hhhhh
Raman: calm down were almost there
Raman and Ishita reach the hospital
Raman: doctor
Doctor: take her in the labor room
Mrs bhalls nad the family pray at the hospital

Scene 4
Ishita screams
Two babies are borned
Doctor comes out
Doctor: Congrats Raman it’s a boy and a girl you only can go and meet her
The whole family thanks god
Raman goes in
Ishita is seen picking both of them one at a time
Raman picks the girl up
Raman: she looks like you
Ishita: he looks like you
Raman picks up boy
Raman: these both are our love
Ishita: what will we name them

Scene 5
Baby naming ceremony
Mrs. Bhalla: you both though of any names
Ishita: wethink the good names are
Ishita: the boy name is Ranveer
The whole family gets happy
Ishita; Raman and me had a argument with the girls name ‘
Ishita: he wants the name Isra
Mrs. Bhalla: what name do you want Ishita
Ishita the girls name should be koyal
Mrs. Bhalla : the new names have been decided the boys name is Ranveer Girl name is koyal
Ishita: the both were w]borned at the same time
Raman; our love sign
Raman: this holi your mine
Ishita; Raman ap bi na now you have four kids get over why
Raman: your still mine this holi

Precap: Holi in England Raman and Ishita ge loced in the room while Mrs bhalla takes care of the kids Raman and Ishita romance starts

Spoiler: its time for a celebration Ishita and Raman to have fun with their babies Raman and Ishita to get romantic and kissing increases for them its Holi in England
Writer message
Thank you all fans for your love and support my parts has reached part 30 we will continue this journey this story wont end quickly New villans new drama and new twist to rise

Leap is cancelled Romance will now increase
Who is excited for up coming romance and twist
Yes or no
Comment of the poll and tell me how was the parts

Credit to: AHT

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