Ishita and Raman love story part 27


Ishita and Raman love story part 27
Scene 1
Shagun is seen at a market buying
Ishita is also seen there
Shagun: how much is this
Person: two pounds (England’s currency)
Shagun: okay
Ishita hears Shagun voice and turns
Ishita sees Shagun
Ishita gets shocked
Ishita: what is she doing here
Ishita: I will follow her to see what shes up to
Shagun goes
Ishita follows
Shagun goes to ahotel
Ishita sees this
Ishita gets shocked to see sarika with Shagun
Ishita: this is not good
SARIKA: shagun come in
Shagun goes in
Ishita: Sarika and Shagun working together this is not good
Subbu comes from the dor sees Ishita
Subbu gets shocked
Subbu: she here oo no she might have known the trth by nowm

Scene 2
Ishita tries to kill Raman
Ishita: Raman
Raman: Ishita
Ishita takes a knife and stabs raman ‘
Ishita comes out of the flashback
Ishita: idf I am forced I will have to do this no I wont
Shagun sees Ishita
Shagun: well well well who do we have here
Shagun: oo its Mrs. Ishita Raman Bhalla
Ishita: Shagun ou
Shgaun: well Ishita I am shagun
Ishita: why are you back
Shagun: do you think ill leave Raman that quickl well your wrong I will separate you both
Ishita: time will tell
Shagun: it’s a challenge if I don’t separate you to ill go far away
Ishita: Challenge accepted if you win I leave
Shagun in her mind
I promise Ishita even if you win ill retend to go away but still harm your fmily with my Brother Mihir just wait and watch that sub is new he doesn’t know a thing about Shagun and that Sarika who got trapped oo please watch what I do ill btray both of them since they do know the real shagun who is she im the most develist person you will ever meet
Ishita I her mind
I will win and tehn Shagun wil have to go away
Shagun: good luck saving your relation
Iishita: you need the luck not me

Scene 3
Ishita goes to Raman
Raman is reading a book called can you have romance during pregnancy
Ishita smiles
Ishita: why are you reading that
Raman: it says I can kiss you on the lips sooftly nothing will happen
Raman pulls her
Ishita: Raman let me go
Raman: soft kiss first
Raman kisses Ishita on the lips softly
Ishita: Raman ap bi na
While raman isn’t looking Ishita plants a kiss on Ramans lips
Raman gets happy
Raman: who are you
Ishita: why do you ask
Raman: because Ishita never kisses me like that without asking

Precap: Shagun comes to Raman Raman gets shocked

Spoiler: Shagun to take Ishita baby and kidnap them when theye borned Ishita and shagun will have a swimming contest whoever will win gets the two babies
Writer note: I will end this story if I don’t get a unique comment so I AHT request you to give me a topic please

Should I do a 5 years leap where Ishita and Raman Ruhi and Adi go to camp while the new babies are 5 Ishita ad Raman romance increases
Yes or no
If no response

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Nice epi.. Yaar.. I think no leap needed

  2. ya fine go ahead…

  3. i want a leap yr it wil be gud am 4rm Nigeria,i luv ur story KEEP IT UP KUDOS TO U.

  4. I also want a leap and ishra more romance I like ur story very much plz don’t end ur story its going super great and every 1 loves it 🙂

  5. Ya leap should be there I love leaps

  6. I think I am saying right every 1 plz tell me

  7. No leap

  8. Hey iam a silent reader of ur ff…I don’t comment..there r a lots like me pls don’t stop..

  9. Leap is nice idea but don’t send ruuu n adi on camp

  10. leap wld b cool.

  11. But please don’t let shagun take Ish-Ra’s babies….not at all a gud idea

  12. Please no leap and don’t separate ishra from their baby…

  13. make isita do the romance first to show that she also love him so much…..
    it’s just my suggestion

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